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United States
Influences: North American
Genres: hip hop
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Photo by: KINGJULZ
About: King Julz ft. Fre$ko (Klay)
Photo by: KINGJULZ
About: Julian "Julz" Martinez
Photo by: KINGJULZ
About: Julz
Photo by: KINGJULZ
About: King Julz and Producer WayneOnDaStix (Wayne Campbell)
Photo by: KINGJULZ
About: KING JULZ Cover Art New Album
Julian "KINGJULZ" Martinez is a young latino from Camden NJ. He grew up in a very violent city near Phila. Pa. A city rated #1 in violent crime for over 10 straight years. Julz writes songs of his experiences in a tough urban environment and the struggle to survive the mean streets where he was raised. He is currently an unsigned indie artist improving his skills, composing, producing and performing.