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United States
April 04/21/21, 2021
Santa Barbara-based singer Star Goes Nova, also known as Christine Law, has brought us a magical creation with the music video for her song “The Ocean Between Stars” and it’s just what we need on this dreary Monday while we wait for the vaccine to course through our veins and give us life again. The video follows the idea of a calming and magical journey of space and the ocean in beautiful blue and purple hues. The video itself perfectly compliments the song, which utilizes ballad-like EDM style.

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Star Goes Nova is already established in the Southern California music scene as a bass player, but she is honing her sound engineering skills with her newest music. She’s able to take people to a place filled with magic and possibilities. She utilizes her talents when it comes to music production and creates beautiful instrumentations that resonate in the soul with her 115 year old piano and knack for creating great beats.