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Ancient Future
Influence: Asian , Gypsy
When: Saturday, July 28, 2018 @ 04:00 PM
Location: Mill Valley - California, United States
Venue: Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton Avenue
  Ancient Future Times: Concerts, Contributions, and Contest with 13 Ways to Win July 2018 Friday the 13th Issue : Ancient Future Performs at Throckmorton Theatre 7/28 •Featuring Matthew Montfort (Guitar), Georges Lammam (Violin), Antoine Lammam (Percussion), and Doug McKeehan (Keys) Contribute to the World Fusion Music Movement •Ancient Future Now Accepts Ta... more
Ancient Futures Hodl Free Concerts Ancient Future Times: Ancient Futures Hodl Free Concerts May/June 2018 Issue : Ancient Futures •An ICO* for the Ages First Contributions Roll In •Ancient Future Now Accepts Tax Deductible Contributions Through InterMusic SF! Free Ancient Future Duet Concerts • World Guitar Pioneer Matthew Montfort with Indian Tabla Virtuoso Vishal Nagar Future Discount... more
Ancient Future Times: Building Ancient Future\'s Future Ancient Future Times: Building Ancient Future's Future April 2018 Issue : Building Ancient Future's Future •Path to Progress for World Fusion Music Seen Ahead Ancient Future Duet at Watermelon Music in Davis •World Guitar Pioneer Matthew Montfort with Uzbek Percussion Ambassador Abbos Kosimov Free Sonoma Library Concert Series Finale • Matthew Montfort wi... more
World Rhythms 15: We Have the Beats!       Issue 15, Dec. 2017: We Have the Beats ! The World Rhythms News is an infrequent newsletter dedicated to world music education brought to you by the band Ancient Future . Subscribe at Ancient-Future.Com . In this issue: Future Possibilities Ancient Traditions Where's the Beat ? Future Possibilities World Fusion Exercises When musicians are e... more
World's Longest Running Band Dedicated to the Creation of World Fusion Music "Ancient Future offers evocative world music imbued with graceful simplicity." – Bob Tarte,  THE BEAT BILLBOARD calls the group "trendsetters" for contributing to the emerging movement known as world fusion music, a term Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort coined at the... more
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