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Jeremy Davis
April 04/12/21, 2021
Jane Jensen is an ever evolving artist, and she’s proved that once again in her newest “Enchant,” which was released on March 18th.

“Enchant” is the perfect song for people to look introspectively at themselves, to practice wellness techniques, to meditate, or to simply luxuriate in a “rich audio fantasy.” It consists of eerie but beautiful vocals, a relaxing guitar, and a lo-fi beat in the background. It makes you want to become a Yogi and dedicate your life to self improvements.

Jane Jensen is an award-winning singer/songwriter. Jane writes music for film and television and is currently developing an alternative health and wellness series, as exemplified in her newest album. Her music is released through Interscope, Fiction UK, Fifth Colvmn, Martin Atkin’s Invisible Records and her own label Autozen. She’s highly decorated and has been awarded by ASCAP Plus, Unisong and JPF Music.

We are SO excited about Jane Jensen’s newest release, which you can listen to here:


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