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8 times in the Global Top 40
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3 times in the Global Top 40
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About: Moana Maniapoto
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In the landscape of New Zealand music, one genre stands out: music by Maori artists. One of the most distinctive, articulate, and significant Maori voices is Moana Maniapoto. She has taken her often politically conscious music to festivals across the world. She continues to articulate the desires and aspirations of her people while also addressing head-on the wrongs of the past. In 2013, Moana & the Tribe got their groove on. With a fat, new rhythm section all set to dirty up the sweet harmonies of the female vocalists, Moana & the Tribe deliver an edgier feel alongside soulful singing and the raw energy of live haka. In an era defined by protest and challenge, singer/songwriter Moana is more compelled than ever to connect with audiences in New Zealand and around the world. Reaching back to her musical roots, Moana crafts a new set destined to get feet moving, hearts feeling, and minds thinking.
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