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Jeremy Davis
January 01/21/21, 2021
Multi-talented Sandhya, originally from New York but based in Baltimore, has built an impressive sound inspired by a melting pot of classic rock, jazz, and pop music. Sandhya is a writer, which explains the fabulous storytelling and imagery in her lyrics. Come Spring 2021, she hopes to release a full-fledged album with driving grooves similar to the gospel-funk “Last Two Standing.”

“Last Two Standing” is a mix of many genres. It has a wonderful way of combining sounds similar to Elton John and Pink Floyd (one of her favorites). The track is a love song mixed with a commentary on climate change and class. The lyrics highlight “the year 2083, when everybody is under sea.” The chorus provides a driving plea from the narrator to their partner, “Won’t you love me like we are the last two standing?” The power chords keep the song feeling upbeat, even with the slow swinging tempo.

Sandhya comments on the original intention for the song: “I started writing the first verse thinking it would turn out to be a political song expressing rage about wealth inequality and global climate change. But by the chorus it morphed into a beautiful, if slyly cynical, love song.”

Sandhya’s upcoming album, INNOCENT MONSTER, is definitely on our minds. We can’t wait to hear more power anthems like “Last Two Standing” from this fabulously talented singer, writer, producer, and the list goes on.

Take a listen here:


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