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Meridianum Ensemble
Influence: West European
Influence: West European
Influence: North African , African
Genre: traditional
New videos The Meridianum Ensemble is overjoyed to announce the release of the first live music video from its recent Hiemalis tour in the UK, 2018. This one is 'Souleimane', a beautiful Morrocan piece by Saïd Chraïbi and featuring Soufian Saihi on oud with the rest of the group. Enjoy!     more
New Album Out Now! New Album Out Now!   ‘Meridianum Ensemble’ is a collection of live tracks from this international band’s inaugural spring tour of 2018, plus four specially selected studio recordings that represent the individuals in this seven-piece ensemble.    The live tracks capture the drama of this unique group (with members from Portugal, Morocco & the UK) and its unusual instrumentation. The music on the album includes original works for santur, oud, hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharpa, but also draws on the mystical world of Mediaeval Cantigas. With the addition of bagpipes, percussion, violin, cittern and tambura , this album is a feast for the ears. With only two weeks until the group’s next UK dates this CD is a fine example of what is to come.    To buy a copy of this limited edition album and to check tour dates visit   The album was produced by Nuno Silva  Cover design by Ricardo de Noronha   The Meridianum Ensemble is Louis Bingham: cittern, bass & tambura Katy Marchant: bagpipes, shawm Ricardo de Noronha: percussion Soufian Saihi: oud Griselda Sanderson: nyckelharpa, violin Nuno Silva: santur Steve Tyler: hurdy-gurdy     more
Meridianum Ensemble
Meridianum Ensemble
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