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Daniel Krief & Black Guru
About "Freedom (feat. Doudou N'diaye Rose)"
Composition: Ben Aylon
Sabar Drums Composition: Doudou N'diaye Rose
Produced and Arranged by: Ben Aylon
Mixed by: Nir Averbuch and Ben Aylon
Mastering by: Conor Dalton (Calyx Mastering)

Vocals - Daniel Krief
Djeli N'goni, Bass N'goni, Donso N'goni and Bass - Ben Aylon

Sabar Ensemble:
Doudou N'diaye Rose
Moustapha N'diaye
Birame N'diaye Rose
Ibou Galo
Dourfal N'diaye

During one of their journeys to Africa, they spent four days in the hands of the Gambian police headquarters only to be banished from the country. During those very days in prison, they developed a plan to create a band - Black Guru. Black Guru performs original music in Hebrew and sounds like a mix Blues, Folk, Rock and West African music all together. The band is influenced by artists su... more
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