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March 2023 #21 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Feeling Go(o)d (track)
February 2023 #9 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Feeling Go(o)d (track)
January 2023 #3 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Feeling Go(o)d (track)
Photo by: Wardita
About: Feeling Go(o)d
Photo by: Wardita
Photo by: Wardita
About: Aqul waqed nahet be qurbi hamamatun
Photo by: Wardita
About: Wardita
Berlin-based DJ for Techno and Electro-Oriental.

Wardita's Electro-Oriental style is a respectful fusion in which electronic music embraces Oriental music. The music she plays avoids silly stereotypes and is a subtle and respectful fusion, predominantly from artists of the Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries.

As an audience, you feel respected by her choice of music, and you can feel Wardita's passion for what she's doing. Her knowledge of both traditional (classical) and modern Arabic music gives her an excellent choice of style and tracks.

Wardita plays only the kind of music to which she has a personal connection. The tracks she plays must tell a story, and she has to adore them – it's impossible for her to play just "anything." Thus, Wardita's sets are always a very personal and authentic experience.

Listening to Wardita's sets means traveling. Riding on the notes, you are brought through the eclectic world of electronic music. Wardita takes you on a journey of high-level bass music that reflects her strong personality.

Besides DJing, she produces her own electronic music, which is often flavored with traditional sounds. For her, "a touch of some traditional sounds gives the electronic music the cream on the top."

She's also been doing great remixes in both styles: Electro-Oriental and Techno.

Labels: Tonleiter Records, Interferenz Berlin, Tonspur Records, Eastern Disco
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