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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Duo Moderato
Influences: Balkan , Gypsy
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Photo by: Duo Moderato
Photo by: Duo Moderato
About: duo moderato
Photo by: Duo Moderato
About: duo Moderato
Photo by: Duo Moderato
About: duo Moderato feat Constantine
Photo by: Duo Moderato
About: Duo Moderato in Arena - Belgrade before VaYa ConDios
Duo Moderato - music band from Belgrade

Duo Moderato is a music project, created by Milan Ignjatovic, for guitar and cello.
The main idea of this band is to seach for a new and original aproach to music inheritance of Serbia and Balkan in general, that is to search for ,,new reading,,
Widely known ethno songs, in a new arrangment, stylized for the guitar and cello are provoking special excitment and represent a unuque artist performance.
Besides ethno and neo-ethno music, in our repertoire there are also author songs with special atmosphere.
We try to make evry our performance interesting for auditorium, above any cliche and stereotype, and making our music a sort of comunication between people around the world.