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About: "Kosmos radio goes live sessions #2 " Live@Half Note Athens,GR 2017
About: Afrodyssey Orchestra live @ Afrobanana festival Larnaka,CY 2018
About: 2nd album recording sessions @ Antart studios Athens,gr 2017
About: Live @ SNFCC Athens,GR 2016
About: Afrodyssey Orchestra official photo on SNFCC Athens,Gr 2016
About: Afrodyssey Orchestra live @ Half Note Jazz Club Athens,Gr Spring 2018
Afrodyssey Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble from Athens, Greece, comprising six established musicians of diverse musical backgrounds. Officially known as Afrodyssey Orchestra since February 2013, they emerge out of contemporary Athens' multicultural mosaic. Afrodyssey Orchestra is unique in Europe, merging Greek and West African musical forms. The band's influences span jazz, funk, psychedelic, traditional West African dance music, and Greek musical culture. Their blasting performances manage to create a communion between the band and their audience, transmitting the impulse to move. In addition to their original work, the band performs innovative versions of well-known African and world music compositions. Most band members are multi-instrumentalists, and lesser-known instruments played include the Kamelen Ngoni, a type of African harp; the balafon, an ancestor of the marimba and vibraphone; the talking drum; and, of course, the djembe and doun doun.

The band has built a strong following in Greece with a reputation for exceptional musicianship and has started to introduce their music in Europe through their live performances in venues and international music festivals in Berlin, DE (2014), Zaragoza, Lleida, ES (2015), Athens, Thessaloniki, GR (2016, 2018), and Cyprus (2018).

Their first original work was released in 2014 on CD and on vinyl in 2016.

Their 2nd album was recorded in December 2017 and is going to be released in 2018.
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