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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Dj Howard Aka Bside
Influences: India , North American , Caribbean
Genres: global beat, afro house, electro swing, electro balkan, latin, reggae, disco, funk, hip hop
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Remix architect of sessions and the most delicious eclectic compilations of different styles.

Underground music, daring to unbiased ears. Twenty years behind the decks guarantee their professionalism. A long career shaped by his constant defense of musical quality and originality.

With each of his sets a surprise in store for us ... because his influences encompass all black music in general will range from Disco to Reggae Soul-music, though his strong are the Afro-funk and ethnic rhythms.

Radio DJ in: MQM Dance and Radio program activity with the glamor of the night, opening for bands like: 3000 men, Circle of willis, Bacon, Bates Motel, Pedro Iturralde Quarter etc. Clicking on numerous festivals such as Sancho Panza, Lanzahita, LechuRock, Ubujazz, Etnosur, Torremusic ...

He has worked for iconic venues such as: Karma, Barbú, Cafe La Palma, Moon, Clandestino, Ya'sta, Island House, Florida Park, Carmen 13, Taboó, Sensorama, The Observatory, Detroit Cafe, Maui, Ritmo y Compas, Mondino, Specka, strike, etc. Stereoclub Sharing a cabin with djs like: Karim Shaker, Simon, Alvaro Vela, Ion Din Anima ...