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Kiko And The Blues Refugees
Influences: North American
Genres: blues, blues and soul
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May 2023 #7 - Top 40 for North American Influence Fake News (video)
May 2023 #9 - Top 40 for North American Influence Sugar for your Instagram (video)
April 2023 #1 - Top 40 for North American Influence Sugar for your Instagram (video)
Kiko & The Blues Refugees is a sort of supergroup formed by experienced and renowned musicians from the Portuguese music scene, mixing the Blues with different styles: the new blues from the old school. They have done in 2 years what many bands can’t achieve in many and that is creating a distinctive sound based on the blues and soul heritage of American music but with a focus on current events. The band is sensational living with energy, creativity, and understanding of the music they love and respect. Is it blues? Is it soul? Is it Funk or Rock’n’roll? Who knows? who cares, It’s good music, great music, honest music.

After the debut album “Threadbare” was enthusiastically received by critics and audiences alike, the Oporto band is back in the studio recording their new album with the new single scheduled to be released in November. The lineup is made of experienced and talented musicians the likes of António Mão de Ferro (guitars), Jorge Filipe Santos (keyboards), Carl Minnemann (bass), João Cunha (drums), and Kiko Pereira the Newark-born Portuguese singer-composer and producer who music critic José Duarte called the best male voice in jazz and blues in Portugal.

In 2022 the band released the videos of the songs “Fake News” and “Sugar for your Instagram” both directed by Alberto Almeida and have been busy with concerts all over the country culminating with a tour with legendary Steel Pedal musician BJ Cole. Cole interviewed for TSF radio in Portugal refers that he was thrilled to play with a band that he considers to be one of the most fascinating bands he has ever played with.