Sebastião Antunes
Influences: Mediterranean
Genres: traditional, etnic, portuguese, pop
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December 2020 #16 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Cantiga da Burra (video)
November 2020 #31 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Cantiga da Burra (video)
Sebastião Antunes, mentor of Quadrilha, started his career in 1993, with his first album “Contos de Fragas e Pragas”, and began a path supported by the roots of Portuguese traditional music, a strong influence from Celtic Music and incursions to Pop.

The band Quadrilha started performing that same year in Music Festivals in Spain, France, Canada and countless shows in Portugal. 20 years of albums and concerts culminated in the last release “Proíbido Adivinhar". In previous albums he colaborated with several featured artists including the Portuguese folk band Galandum Galundaina and the singer from Cape Verde Tito Paris.

In the past several years, Sebastião Antunes began to include in his shows influences from North African Music, especially from the Sahara Desert. The musician has also performed in partnership with the Saharan singer Mariem Hassan.