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Michael Kiessou
Influences: African , North African , North American
Genres: afrobeat, afropop, kwattn'b, benskin
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Michael KIESSOU whose real name was born on January 11 in the economic capital of Cameroon. Originally from the Western Region specifically the departments of Mifi and Koung Khi, he is a singer, songwriter and performer.From the age of seven years, Master "The Voice" is rocked by the CD audio music from his parents. It is during the Christmas season that walks the edge nightclubs to rediscover these songs he loves so much. Influenced by famous Cameroonian artists such as Sam Fan Thomas, Douleur, George Dickson, Ndedi Eyango, Keng Godefroy, Solo Muna and many others, he took their hits at home. Thus began a love of music and the young Michael story.It was during high school he perfected his voice and sharpens his pen. Through many interpretations of the music of R Kelly and the Backstreet Boys during school festivals, he conquered his first admirers. His particular style already then attracted all the girls.After completing his studies, he decided to get into the music industry by collaborating with the artist Edel Koula and later, the talented producer Philjohn. Artist whose musical universe takes us to the Soul Rnb through the concept Kwatt'nb, Michael spoke in French, English and in the vernacular.

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