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July 07/29/21, 2021
Australia\'s Julia Messenger Brings Us On A Musical Journey With  “And We Danced\ Julia Messenger is quickly becoming one of the most sought after independent musicians out there. This Melbourne, Australia native is unique in her ability as a vocalist and songwriter to metamorphosize across genres and break boundaries into new ground. She does music her way which is no surprise as she’s always been a natural talent. Her strong vocals and innate ability to get to the heart of a song have earned her positive reviews from around the world. She’s influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald to Massive Attack, and Kruder and Dorfmeister.
Her new single, “And We Danced,” is an indie pop song with soft vocals and a sound similar to that of Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan. Written on tour, Julia came up with the bass line on an old guitar, and the song was easily written. She says “I was in a relationship at the time where I was being gaslighted, and I was anticipating an end that I felt was inevitable...” With a thumping folk-pop beat centered around a superb hypnotic bass line, the sultry vocals that she’s known for float soothingly and hauntingly over the top.

Thoughtfully placed percussive elements help create a sense of space giving this production an essence unto itself. The chorus “And we Danced” expands with exquisite vocal harmonies and the bridge releases with a soaring electric guitar. “And We Danced” artfully uplifts whilst at the same time magnifies the sadness of a breakup, and brings the listener in to feel part of the whole experience. The masterful and commanding tone of Messenger’s voice weaves the listener both melodically and reflectively through a journey of grappling with the need to let go of love. Where we once were “a picture of all innocence, look at us now”

“And We Danced” only further proves Julia’s musical range, that she knows no bounds and doesn’t intend to have any. She’s not restricted by genre lines, she does as she feels and “And We Danced” proves it. She is able to personify intensity and passion through her bewitching melodies and rhythm. A song so impassioned, raw, and personal as this deserves to be on any playlist.

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