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Grace Barbé
Influences: African
Genres: rock, afrobeat, reggae, sega
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Grace Barbe hails from the sunburnt Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles, where a colourful history of slavery, pirates, coups d’etat and coconuts have produced a unique Kreol rhythm, lan- guage and culture.

Drawing from the diverse cultural me- lange of the islands, Grace’s trio fuses the tropical rhythms and dances of the slaves with psychedelic rock, afrobeat, reggae and pop.

Conjuring a bewilderingly huge sound, the musical ESP between bassist Grace and younger sister Joelle Barbe (drums) must be seen to be believed. Guitarist Jamie Searle adds a dense layer of Afro - guitar sorcery.

Grace has been enticing audiences to get up and shake their coconuts since the release of her debut album Kreol Daughter in 2009, with appearances all over India, east africa (Sauti za Busara festival, Zanzibar) and the Indian Ocean (Sakifo Festival, La Reunion) as well as at Australia’s leading music festivals, includ- ing Womadelaide, WoMaD New Zea- land, Byron Bay Bluesfest and Wood- ford folk festival. Her band has won the award for “Best World Act” nine timesin her current home state of Western Australia.