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March 2024 #11 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence װענעציאַנישע מאָטיוון / Венецианские мотивы (track)
March 2024 #38 - Top 40 for East European Influence Rečańka / Рэчанька (track)
February 2024 #10 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence װענעציאַנישע מאָטיוון / Венецианские мотивы (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40

We did it!

Jan 5, 2024
We did it! There was some snow in early January, so we were be able to complete filming and producing our musical video. "A u baru, u baru" is a Belarussian traditional Christmas song, and we filmed it in the museum, in the church and in the street. Yes, it's a small street near the center of our city but looks like a lane in the village. And our friends h...
New year and new video are coming Hi,
we are finishing recording and filming the new video of the traditional Belarussian Christmas (Kalyady) song. Going to release soon. Why not now? Because there's no snow outside, and it's not possible to film a beautiful picture. But the forecast promises snowing from 2nd of January, so... we hope!
Summer and Winter A few days ago we published a video recorded at the end of summer on the shores of Lake Baikal. This is a Belarusian folk song in our arrangement, which has become part of our new program of Belarusian traditional songs. We will be happy to present this program in a week in our hometown Grodno, and we will begin recording a new album, which does...
We are "Paparats" (which means "Fern" in English):

Tatiana Soloviova (vocal, guitar, composer, band leader),
Ihar Adasik (percussion),
Pavel Soloviov (melodica, kalimba, gusli, jew's harps/mouth harps, xylophone, ethnic winds),
Ilya Pechinin (bass guitar, flutes, sound engineer),

also Alina Boyko (dulcimer) (2022-2023).

We are from Grodno, Belarus. We perform our own arrangements of Belarusian traditional songs and the songs written by our leader Tatiana Soloviova.
Everything about us, including our music, can be found at https://paparats.art
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