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Influences: Latin American , Gypsy , Oceanian
Genres: electronic, fusion, organic
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Photo by: Tjak
About: Tjak
Photo by: Tjak
About: Tjak Live - Boom Festival 2012
Photo by: Tjak
About: Tjak
Photo by: Tjak
About: Tjak Live - ZNA 2013
Photo by: Tjak
About: Tjak Live - Loading Club - Flow Event 2012
The Tjak project sprang from the meeting of Gabriel Gomes, Pedro Sotiry and Victor Bandeira in 2001.Since 1960, Victor Bandeira traveled through Africa, South America, the South-west of Asia and New Guinea where he gathered objects from cultures known as “primitives” which, today, are displayed at the Museum of Ethnology in Lisbon, Portugal. Together with this, Victor Bandeira also recorded songs and dances from different ethnic groups, ambiences and wildlife all sotred at the Museum of Ethnology which in the early nineties andafter a careful digitalization process are used as raw material, and inspiration for the music produced and performed by Tjak.In 2008 they invited Diogo Ribeiromusic producer, to be part of Tjak. His collaboration has added more spice to the musical content and a young spirit to the project.Their first life performance together was at Boom Festival 2008 on the Main Floor. A gathering of 4 diferent generations of musicians sharing their passion for music.Tjak is a performance-oriented experience. The connection between the 4 on stage is always changing, making the shows unpredictable and unique with invited guests and visual arts.Each element has his defined role, Pedro Sotiry who studied classic piano since early age, combines jazz elements with classic structures, Victor Bandeira works exclusivly with his own collected and recorded sounds processing them live, Gabriel Gomes a pioneer electronic musician from Portugal, gives his precious inputs in the arrangments, and synth modulations. Diogo Ribeiro another pioneer in the electronic trance movement in Portugal processes the beats in real time and in separate parts, giving him full control on the live performance.So this is definitely not your average pre-recorded electronic live-act, and each concert is an unique experience.

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