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Lebanese singer  Dominique Hourani  globetrotted her way to Europe for a lil’ mix of work and play. She inaugurated her country hopping tour with the 'Formula One' race in Italy. After watching the world’s hottest (in all meanings of the term) racers rush to the finish line, she continued on her journey to Cannes to change things up from cars to boats and yachts at ... more


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Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh (11/11/17 03:05)
Thanks for your kind comments about our Flute & Cello Video
Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble
Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble (10/25/17 11:36)
Hello Aleks,
This is Erich Sermon from Ghana, the Program Manager and Touring Manager of Kusumgboo Dance Ensemble from Ghana. Thanks for your nice comment. I just wants find out from you if we can do a collaboration together by organizing an international performance tour coming next year 2018 and also to organised an international West African Drumming , Dancing and Music tour to Ghana. Please this is just a suggestion. If you are interested, then will send to you a detailed proposal. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
23rd Hour
23rd Hour (03/15/17 17:12)
Thank you for watching our video and leaving us a comment. Will be sure to say hello next time we're in Toronto :)
Danica Krstic
Danica Krstic (01/16/17 14:02)
Thanks for following.Best regards from Serbia
Birimbao Folk
Birimbao Folk (03/11/16 18:37)
I am from Toronto and I’m your music follower. The message that I’m sending you comes from my heart. It means “I like your music and your personality very much”. You are welcome to be my friend. I wish you success! Aleks :-) more
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