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Photo by: Mehtap DEMİR
Dr. Mehtap Demir Ethnomusicologist - Turkish Folk Music Singer - Kemane Player

PhD degree:

2011 - Yeditepe University Anthropology

"Culturel Interaction and Migration: Turkish Music Practices in Israel"

Master's degree:

2006 - Istanbul University State Conservatory Musicology

"Music and Social Interaction"

Bachelor's degree:

1999 - ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory

"Aesthetic Issues of Women in Turkish Folk Music"

CD - Albums

Sing Mehtap (Folk Musics of Turkey)


The Symphony of Turkish Folk Music



Meditation and Relaxation with Kemane


Lullabies with Anatolian Melodies


My Sweet Canary 2011. Adama Music Israel/Greece/Turkey/USA

Story of Roza Eskenazi and Rebetiko Music


About Dr. Mehtap Demir

The listeners said:

"The melancholy, hilarity, love, labor, and patience of those who live in the land of Anatolia meet in her colorful voice."

"People who listen to her songs make a journey to their own roots."

"Her love for music derives from the seeds and soils of Anatolia."

Mehtap Demir was born in 1978 in Ardahan, Turkey, and graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory. Then, she earned her master's degree in Musicology from Istanbul University and her PhD in Music Anthropology from Yeditepe University. Mehtap stayed in Israel for one year during her fieldwork and studied the emigration and interaction of cross-border music.

In 2010, she took a major part in a musical documentary feature named My Sweet Canary, which then became an international project with a series of musical concerts in many countries in Europe & USA. Since then, Mehtap has been performing Rembetiko music, which is the creator of Aegean Culture with musicians from Israel and Greece who took part with her in the My Sweet Canary project. They performed at prestigious music festivals all over the world such as SXSW and WOMEX.

Mehtap is proud of sharing the same stage with world-famous female vocalists such as Yasmin Levy, Savina Yannatou, Mor Karbasi & Giota Negka and representing the musical culture of Turkey by attending the most popular music festivals in countries like Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, USA, and so on.

Mehtap is also a lecturer at Istanbul University and offers courses on world music cultures, traditional folk music repertoire, and kemane. She has been continuing her academic life as an ethnomusicologist and kemane player by attending international conferences, workshops, and symposiums in different countries. Moreover, it should be stated that Mehtap is one of the few unique female kemane players in Turkey.
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