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February 2023 #8 - Top 40 for African Influence Bako (track)
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January 2023 #12 - Global Top 40 Bako (track)
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Photo by: Figliodipan
Photo by: Figliodipan
Photo by: Figliodipan
Photo by: Figliodipan
Photo by: Figliodipan
About: Tiple - Mutant Guitar sample library
Photo by: Figliodipan
About: Officina ZOE ' - Womad
Luigi Panico, alias Figliodipan, artistically born in 1996, founded the "TNT Confuse" group.

In 2000, he began an artistic career in popular music with the ethno group Arsura, which continues today.

In 2001, he joined the Dakkamé group, recording the album "Nauna."

In 2005, he recorded with Arsura the unpublished disc of the same name.

In 2007, he began a collaboration with Officina Zoe (www.officinazoe.com) as a guitarist, which continues today.

With Officina Zoe, he has recorded four discs (2 studio and 2 live), playing in the most important world music festivals (Womex, Alexandrina World Music Festival, Rome meets the world, Sounds of the Dolomites, Australasian World Music Festival, etc.), and performing in many of the most important cities in Italy and around the world.

He has collaborated with international artists such as Mercan Dede, Hosoo and Transmongolia, Mari Boine, Mamani Keita, Baba Sissoko, John Amighetti, Ambrogio Sparagna, Tate Nsongan, Samer Eibou, Nana Cissokho, Mazaher, and others.

In 2010, he edited the musical sound and conducted the purest form interview restoration of "Poeta Vittorio" by Gianluigi Lazzari.

In 2012, he published his first solo production album entitled "Mediterraneo," available online on Soundcloud. That same year, he contributed to the realization of the music for the documentary "La danza del piccolo ragno," created by students of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Turin.

Also in 2012, Luigi Panico began the implementation of a multicultural music project entitled "Vudabliu Empi" (VWMP - Virtual World Music Project), which was completed in 2015 and published by an Italian label.

In 2015, with Officina Zoè, he published the disc "Mamma sirena."

At the beginning of 2016, he completed his first solo recording work for solo acoustic guitar entitled "Salento in Fingerstyle.
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