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February 02/01/23, 2023
As bright and exciting as a summer day at the beach, the new world-pop single “Main Aaungi” was produced by Hollywood filmmaker-photographer Nick Saglimbeni of Slickforce Studio in collaboration with dynamic singer-songwriter S. J. Jananiy and her 3 Dot Recording Studios, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. The song was released digitally around the world as part of a commercial promotion for the Slickforce Light Frame, a lighting accessory for aspiring photographers.

“Main Aaungi” is a melodic new world-pop single about heroes coming to one’s rescue. Seeking the right voice for his film project, producer Nick Saglimbeni of Slickforce Studio, partnered with music producer S. J. Jananiy to compose, produce, and perform the thematic single, which has released worldwide on all platforms. Jananiy, a renowned polygenre singer-songwriter and composer, performs the song in Hindi, and will also record it in English, Tamil & Malayalam versions for the international market. The innovative video, featuring Shaun Romy, Mira Patel and Asmita Kumari, earned over 50,000 views in 3 days.

The uplifting lyrics, sung in Hindi by S. J. Jananiy, are inspired by the idea of everyday heroes coming to the rescue of those in need. Heartfelt and universally empowering, the English language translation is along the lines of "I'll rise up" or "I will come (to help you)." The song is also slated for global release in English, Tamil & Malayalam language versions, too, and the sound lends itself perfectly as the theme for an Indian reincarnation of an American action drama television series about lifeguards who patrol the warm sunny beaches and revolves around their interpersonal relationships, with plots usually centering on dangers related to the beach lifestyle. When they come to your rescue, to save you from a bad situation, they run across the beach in slow motion, usually wearing distinctive lifeguard gear, and the music keeps you breathlessly on the edge of your seat.

Listen to the original version on Spotify:

Saglimbeni, who is renowned for his visually creative work with companies such as Disney, Apple, Skims, and many more, shares, “I first reached out to Jananiy in early 2020, looking to create a specific sound for our project that essentially didn't exist in the music space,” says Saglimbeni. “We wanted an uplifting American-style title track—inspired by the theme songs of the ‘80s and ‘90s—but with a completely Indian personality. I was searching for an artist who could pull this off when I came across Jananiy's song ‘Believe in You’ and right away I knew we’d found our artist. Jananiy has the voice of an angel—soft yet hauntingly powerful.”

Jananiy, a lover of collaborations, fully embraced the challenge and opportunity. “When Nick approached me with his concept, it was such a wonderful experiment for me! I wrote the melody backed with a lot of dynamic musical arrangements including zestful electric guitar runs and some surreal synth tones that deliver a power-packed kick, while the heart-pounding drums give a necessary flamboyance. Nick wrote the English lyrics firstly for my melody/tune which was the major underlying lyrical theme, & translated to the Hindi version by Janak Kaviratna. As far as my vocals, I layered beautiful conversations between the melody & lyrical plays, along with vocal effects that add a spark to this exciting track!”

Jananiy’s vocals on “Main Aaungi” seemingly fulfills a prophecy put forth in 2018 by Indie Pulse Music, who wrote, “She has an astonishing voice and deceptive range – a brief perusal of her professional résumé might suggest, to the uninformed, that she is a singer whose sound is strongly connected to the Indian world, but that’s not the case. Jananiy has a voice ready for the global pop stage, capable of intense emotional shifts, and flawlessly tuned into the song’s musical demands. Many listeners will marvel at the control she exerts over her vocal instrument…”

S. J. Jananiy is a Multi-Global-Award-Winning Composer, Singer, and Scholar who has received a prestigious Indian National Award & State Awards. She is a Film Score Composer, a Polygenre Indie Artist, Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Western Classical Singer, Music Director & more.

S. J. Jananiy (Subramanian Jaya Jananiy) is a singer-songwriter, musician and composer of Indian Classical, modern Indian Trap, Western Classical, and Pop/Spiritual music. A child prodigy with 25-plus years of music experience, “S. J. Jananiy” founded 3 Dot Recording Studios and JSJ Audio in Chennai, India, where she produces and performs on select projects as a lead vocalist, playback singer, songwriter, music producer, record producer, instrumentalist (keyboard, piano, harmonium, percussionist). She often serves as a Music Director, composer and performer at live events and festivals, and is rated as an "A Grade" artist of All India Radio.

A lifelong student of Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University, S. J. Jananiy has completed her Graduate degree in Economics (SMC, Chennai), an MA in Indian Music & M.Phil Music (QMC, Chennai), and, she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. - Research in Music. In Western Classical Music, she is an ATCL Vocal (Diploma), Grade 8 in Western Classical Vocal, Keyboard & Western Classical Theory (Trinity College London), and holds a Senior Diploma in Hindustani Classical Music (Prayag Sangeet Samiti, India)

S. J. shares some of her thoughts about how this project came about, “When Nick approached me with his concept and ideas, it was such a wonderful experiment for me to write the melody that is backed with a lot of dynamic and pragmatic stylistically musical arrangements which involves the zestful Electric Guitar runs, some surreal synth tones that attributes to the power-packed throw to this track, the heart-pounding drums create the flamboyant articulation. Nick wrote the English lyrics firstly for my melody/tune which was the major underlying lyrical theme, and the Hindi version was translated by Janak Kaviratna. As far as my vocals are concerned, I’ve implied some beautiful conversations between the melody and lyrics which plays along with the vocal FXs that adds up the spark to this title track!”

To connect with S. J. Jananiy’s Profile, Music & Social Media, visit:

She concludes, “Enjoy listening to this robust track!”

Nick Saglimbeni was born in Baltimore, Maryland, Nick Saglimbeni moved to Los Angeles to pursue cinematography at the top-ranked USC School of Cinema. Shortly after graduation, Nick opened SlickforceStudio in LA.

Clients quickly responded to the cinematic nature of Nick’s photography, and Slickforce soon became one of the hottest studios on the West Coast.

In August 2011, Nick Saglimbeni created and launched WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful, the first commercial magazine entirely photographed and designed in 3D. His advancements in 3D photography won him the Grand Prize in 3D at the Sony World Photography Awards in 2012.

Nick currently works on commercial campaigns for companies such as Disney, Apple, Skims, Walmart, Sports Illustrated. His art has been featured on The View, Larry King Live, E! News, and countless others.

He is heavily involved in creating art and raising awareness for several charities, including the Humane Society, The Epilepsy Foundation, Breast Cancer Charities of America, and A21.

In 2019, Nick created Painted Princess Project, a series of cultural-themed portraits featuring models from around the world, with a portion of each art sale donated to fight human trafficking. Keep up with Nick on Instagram at

“Main Aaungi” was distributed via Tunecore to all digital and streaming platforms worldwide on Tuesday, January 18, 2023. The track can be heard as the exciting theme song for the new Slickforce Studio commercial with a worldwide premiere on YouTube at, where it is racking up the views, now at over 50,000 views in just 3 days!

“Main Aaungi” Credits:
Composer, Music Producer, Record Producer, Arranger & Singer - S. J. Jananiy
Lyrics for the Hindi version - Janak Kaviratna
Electric & Acoustic Guitars - Kabuli Rath
Bass Guitar - Keith Peters
Drums - Chris Barber, Musiversal
Drums/percussion - Nate Barnes
Music Assistant - R. Sankerganesh
Recorded by S. J. Jananiy @ 3 Dot Recording Studios, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Mixed & Mastered by Benny Steele, Los Angeles, California, USA.

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