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Influences: African , Gypsy , Latin American
Genres: jazz, afrocuban, afro cuban, africanfusion, world, flamenco, fusion, gypsy
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3 times in the Global Top 40
October 2021 #9 - Global Top 40 ELEGGUA INTRO FLAMENCO VIDEO (video)
August 2021 #36 - Global Top 40 BABBA SOROSO (track)
August 2021 #32 - Global Top 40 OSHUN BAILEO (track)
MIXTURINC is a musical project where the musicians act as a brotherhood with live flamenco, jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms and influences from classical music, all directed under the concept and direction of Amed TORRECILLA, that in recent years has lived with flamenco artists through the most emblematic scenarios of flamenco and jazz in Madrid, having been fed all this musical wealth has found the right time to merge these genres and brings this project that despite all the influence he has retained, the freshness of novelty that departs from the obvious and delves into the root of every genre keeping in mind the latest trends in European and international festivals.

This project is nominated for awards Cubadisco 2013 and with the approval of the foreign press and national and international radios in addition to very positive reviews of experts with Gian Franco Grilli, Italy and Rafa Bassi Labarrera, Colombia and the United States.

MIXTURINC by Amed Torrecilla. after living in the United States. has had the opportunity to all kinds of scenarios, authentic, elegant, interesting and very caring and comes with a fully own repertoire and proposes a harmonic and percussive show providing authentic folk flavor mixed emotions among Afro-Cuban jazz and Flamenco defended by a line up of musicians from frontline as Jesus Catala Voice and Percussion, Drums Georvis Pico , Dani Noel Bass, Piano Lilian Castillo , Carlos Orgaz Guitarra Flamenca, Elena Salgueiro Flamenco singer and musical direction saxophones , flute composition and arrangements by Amed Varela Torrecilla .