Lou Tapage
Influences: West European , Mediterranean
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April 2023 #9 - Top 40 for West European Influence Ventinove (track)
March 2023 #7 - Top 40 for West European Influence Ventinove (track)
March 2023 #33 - Global Top 40 Ventinove (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
The word Lou Tapage literally means hubbub of the feast, the noise of people dancing, the real mess of good company.
By mixing cultures and languages (Italian, French, the dialect of local valleys and dialects with the same roots) the group Lou Tapage has been spreading a new kind of Rock music in Italy and Europe since 2000, a rock developped from popular music of Piedmont Alps.
They have played at important international folk festivals such as Montelago Celtic Festival, Folkest, Capodanno Celtico (Castello Sforzesco, Milano), Collisioni Festival, Musicultura, Insubria Folk Festival, Nubilaria Celtic Festival, Balla coi Cinghiali, Festival Alta Felicità, Estivada de Rodez, Hestiv' Oc, Celtie d'Oc, Taranta Power, Etnorock, and they have shared the stage with great artists like Hevia, Eugenio Bennato, Mahones, Dubioza Kolektiv, Kila, Modena City Ramblers and many others.