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Irakli Koiava
Influences: Mediterranean , African , West European
Genres: avant-garde, ethno jazz, fuzion, african, ethno fuzion jazz, azian, performance by irakli koiava, short film by irakli koiava, free jazz - avant-garde
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January 2022 #16 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Irakli Koiava with Free Jazz Trio in Rainbowstudio,Oslo,Norway 2013 (video)
February 2021 #30 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence 8.Black Dolls 2.mp3 (track)
January 2021 #13 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence 8.Black Dolls 2.mp3 (track)
Photo by: Irakli Koiava
About: Irakli Koiavas - 2 Album
Photo by: Irakli Koiava
About: Irakli Koiavas - 1 Album
Photo by: Irakli Koiava
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Photo by: Irakli Koiava
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Photo by: Irakli Koiava
About: Irakli Koiavas - 1 Short Film
Irakli Koiava was born on February 27th, 1979 in Tbilisi, Georgia. His interest in music began in his early childhood. In 2002 his actively began studying percussion instruments and started practicing the percussionmusic. In 2006 Koiava founded a joint project by Azerbaijani jazz musician, including Yasef Eyvazov (oud). The project was performed in Baku (Azerbaijan) in a jazz club “Caravan”. In March 2008 Irakli was invited to State Jazz Center in Baku (Azerbaijan) where he performed in a “Drummers’ Jam” festival alongside Azerbaijani and Russian musicians, namely Alexander Mashin from Russian (drums), Tofig Djabarov (percussion),Natsik Shirinov (nagara),Ruslan Guseinov (double bass), and Isfar Sarabsky (piano). At that festival an impromptu trio was born, with Irakli improvising with Isfar Sarabsky and Ruslan Guseinov. In January 2009 Irakli was invited to Lithuania by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. While being there he performed about many concerts overall. Irakli playing on Jam session With Vytautas Labutis (soprano saxophones), Eugenijus Kanevičius (Double Bass). Irakli Playing on Jam Session With Tomas Razmus-Tenor Sax,Aras Biskis - Percussion in Jazz Café ,,Punto Pizza,,Kaunas, Lithuania. In February 2010 the same group with Azerbaijani guest musicians (Ysfar Sarabsky,Piano,Elchin Shirinov, Piano,Tofig Djabarov, Percussion,Ruslan Guseinov,Bass) performed two concerts avant-garde music in Baku Jazz Center (Azerbaijan). In 2010 during the participation special project Juzz duo it Irakli & Tomas Čiukauskas (saxophone)Irakli himslef created five original compositions which are permanently performed during the various concerts.Irakly is playing in Riga with Elvis Zant – DJ,Matiss Akuraters-Percussion from Latvia. Since the start of his musical career in 2010, Koiava performed composed and improvised music of various genres and styles in widely different settings with musicians from various countries: Duet with Morgan Banguisa-Djembe from Congo Africa,with Rain Sultanov(soprano saxophones from Azerbaijan) In 2011 was playing a new film about Irakli Koiava “My Feelings”, director: Mikheil Chichiboshvili. Irakly is playing in Vilnius with Tomas Dobrovolskas- percussion from lt. In 2013 Irakli was invited at Tumanishvili theatre under invitation of Goga Pipinashvili and he voiced in live a spectacle “Dragon” in 2 acts, it was a great successes. In the same year Irakli invited Rain Sultanov to his new project “My Feelings” and participated Kavkaz Jazz Festival in 2013. On 25th of September 2013 Irakli made a trip to a new tourney: Erevan, Spitak,Azerbaijan.Norway.Oslo. During this tourney Irakli conducted master class as in city Erevan and city Tbilisi in Music House and at company “MIFASI”. On 24th of November 2013 in Oslo,Norway he was invited to Rainbow Studio at a new project of Rain Sultanov Seven sounds of Azerbaijan Inspired By Nature release new CD and DVD Rain Sultanov "Seven Sounds Of Azerbaijan-Inspired By Nature" musicians: Rain Sultanov - saxophones, Alim Qasimov - Vocal ,Shahin Novrasli - piano, Linnea Olsson - cello, Yasaf Eyvazov - oud, Yasuhito Mori - acoustic bass, Peter Nilsson - drums, Irakli Koiava - percussion Recorded & Mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug, Rainbow studio, Oslo film made by Antje Dombrowsky photos & article by Thomas Melzer supported by GIZ . Irakli was recorded in rainbowstudio Trio free jazz improvisations with Shahin Novrasli – piano from AZ, Yasuhito Mori - acoustic bass from SE,Irakli Koiava percussion from GE. On 20th of September 2013 Irakli issued his first album Irakli Koiava & Friends “My Feelings”. There is 12 compositions And Exsperimental Album Acoustic udu - 2007&.2010 1 disc. On 1th of May 2014 Irakli made a trip to a new solo and duet project with Matiss Akuraters-Percussion from Latvia ,,MUSIC”S GOOD FOR WOODS,,tour in:Poland,Bialystok,Warshav,Latvia,Riga,Azerbaijan,Baku. In 22 may 2014 Irakli was play on International Day for Biological Diversity. New Clip ,,Touched By Nature,, organizer Company: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.Music By Irakli Koiava - Directed By Rati Ramishvili.