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Aug 15, 2014
Photo by: Mandrágora
Photo by: Mandrágora
Photo by: Mandrágora
Photo by: Mandrágora
Photo by: Mandrágora
Photo by: Mandrágora
Mandrake (Mandrágora in Portuguese) is the name of a plant with aphrodisiac and fertilizing virtues, a medicinal root whose fruit is similar to a small apple. The root of the plant has a human form and, according to popular belief, screams like people when it is torn from the earth. It is also the name of a young collective from Portugal, which is distinguished by the creativity of their original compositions. Music that evokes the Portuguese musical tradition, exploring the meeting with other cultures and still sounding a wide range of influences from modern music. In 2006, the group won the Carlos Paredes award, confirming the merit of this work. The aim of this prize is rewarding the best instrumental music album, given the importance it has for the strengthening of the Portuguese identity and culture. A personal reflection about Portuguese intangible cultural heritage and its appropriation by sound. This work is focused on new approaches to the oral Portuguese tradition. A very particular and contemporary perspective.

Filipa Santos: saxophone, flutes, bagpipe, vocals, effects
Miguel Moreira: guitars, percussion, effects
João Serrador: bass, kalimbas, percussion
João Martins: drums

Some performances:
Babel Europe 2002 European Meeting of Young Traditional Musicians, Parthenay, France
Traditional Music Festival, Casa da Música - Porto, Portugal
Atlantic Roots Festival, Funchal - Madeira
Plaza Mayor de Salamanca - Spain
Winter Festival - Serpa, Portugal
Festival Med, Loulé, Portugal
Festa do Avante, Palco 1 de Maio - Seixal, Portugal
Festival Maré de Agosto, Sta. Maria - Azores, Portugal
Musical Residence and tour, Brittany - with Jacky Molard, France
Porto Bairro a Bairro - Porto, Portugal
Ethno.ambient Festival - Salona - Croatia
FMM Sines - Mandrágora + Jacky Molard, Portugal
Festival Tonalidades - Auditório de Espinho, Portugal
Manobras no Porto 2011, Portugal
Plasencia Folk Festival 2012, Spain
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