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La Colonie Volvox
North Macedonia
Influences: West European , Balkan , Mediterranean
Genres: world, rock, waltz, bosnian trad, jazz, experimental, fusion, indie, alternative, worl
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April 2023 #35 - Top 40 for North American Influence One More Cup of Coffee (video)
April 2023 #19 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence One More Cup Of Coffee (track)
April 2023 #24 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Yunus (video)
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
Photo by: La Colonie Volvox
La Colonie Volvox is a macedonian band, formed in 2002, and having releasd five albums since:Abstractology (2006, SJF Records), Wasteland (2006, SJF Records), Europa (2009, EGoEast Records), East West And Rest (2010, EGoEast Records) and AEIOU (2012, EGoEast Records), musical journeys that shift from the traditional songs and world music genre into ambiental improvised jazz, and back again.

Since the release of the band’s fifth consecutive album AEIOU, La Colonie Volvox cultivates an acoustic sound, producing a new expression that brings together the melo-poetic motifs of the European legacy, Sufi music and modern musical idioms, such as rock n roll, all intertwined with the Macedonian and Balkan vocal and instrumental tradition. This resulted in an authentic ethno-global product that incorporates Macedonian, Occitan, French, Ladino, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Turkish, Greek, English and other languages.

Love, as the essence of the troubadour song and its universal message is the fundamental idea integrated within their music.

Currently La Colonie Volvox is a sextet consisted of:

Sasho Gigov – Gish (vocals, percussion)

Kalina Velkovska (vocals)

Predrag Ikonomovski (ac.guitar, vocals)

Nenad Nedelkov (tambura, vocals)

Dragan Stojkovski (tambura, ukulele, vocals)

Goce Naumov (percussion, vocals)

La Colonie Volvox has a prosperous concert experience with performances on notable international festivals and venues such as EXIT (Novi Sad, Serbia), Interzone (Novi Sad, Serbia), Bansko Jazz Festival (Bansko, Bulgaria), Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy), Balkan Ante Portas (Brussels, Belgium), Jazz Club Satchmo (Maribor, Slovenia), SEE a Paris (Paris, France) etc.

For further information and details concerning the music and performances of La Colonie Volvox do not hesitate to contact:

+389 78 235 923 (contact person - Dragan Stojkovski)




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