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La Colonie Volvox
About "Hey You "
This is an ultimate Pink Floyd cover. It contains several themes and songs by Floyd (besides Hey You) arranged around an West African rhythm and guitar phrase.
Personnel: Sasho Gigov - Gish (vocals) Predrag Ikonomovski (electric guitars) Dragan Stojkovski (acoustic guitars, bass) Simon Kiselicki (piano, keyboards) Goce Naumov (drums) Nenad Nedelkov (loops) Ognen Anastasovski (back-up vocals)
Recorded 2010, Moodio Studio, Skopje

La Colonie Volvox is a macedonian band, formed in 2002, and having releasd five albums since:Abstractology (2006, SJF Records), Wasteland (2006, SJF Records), Europa (2009, EGoEast Records), East West And Rest (2010, EGoEast Records) and AEIOU (2012, EGoEast Records), musical journeys that shift from the traditional songs and world music genre into ambiental improvised jazz, and back again. more
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