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John Reed
About "Wine And Whisky"
Featuring most of The Folded Arms - Emma Perry and Kate Ferris on backing vocals and Matt Steady on violin - this song also features our super talented friends from Nova Scotia, The Lewinskies. Wine and Whisky arose from an encounter John had with a homeless guy outside Manchester's Church Street car park, a guy with bright eyes and intelligent conversation who was not seeking to tell his story, just to exchange a smile and a few words. The tune for the song comes from a 1978 composition. The lyrics are from 2017.

John is a singer-songwriter, cittern and guitar player from North West England, whose songs are environmentally and politically charged, but also personal and compelling. The resonance of the cittern provides an almost choral backing to his solo performances giving them a unique power, and provides the foundation for his live sound, solo, in collaboration with other musicians, or with his backi... more
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