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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Vivianna Giannaki & Mariano Gil
Influences: Latin American , Middle Eastern , Mediterranean
Genres: world music, medieval traditional, tango
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About: Vivianna Giannaki - Mariano Gil / Pattihio Theater, Limassol Cyprus
About: Vivianna Giannaki - Mariano Gil
About: Vivianna Giannaki
About: Mariano Gil
About: Vivianna Giannaki - Mariano Gil / Pattihio Theater, Limassol Cyprus
Vivianna Giannaki – Vocalist Mariano Gil – Guitarist

Vivianna and Mariano met in Buenos Aires in 2017.

Their common passion for music is what has brought them together.

Their project` The Passion Crossroad / Pasiones Cruzadas ` was presented for the first time in Centro Cultural Nestor Kirchner, on March 2017 under the hospice and organization of the Greek Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The concert has been presented at the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Athens, at Pattihio Theater Limassol on September 2017, at the Festival of the University of Cyprus 2017, in Argentina (Mar de Plata, Pinamar, Buenos Aires ) and will be presented in London in May – June 2018 (Hellenic Center / Under the hospice of the Embassy of the Rebublic of Cyprus in London).

Both artists are orientated in performing music of their countries (Medieval Cypriot, Greek traditional and Argentinean Tango), as well as compositions of Carlo Domeniconi, Astor Piazzolla , Roland Dyens, Mariano Gil and others.

Their activity includes concerts, performances and various projects, as well as their two personal albums, recently released.

-Vivianna Giannaki and Tejo Bolten` Vivianna` / Mutantjasz

-Mariano Gil` Travesia

The Greek - Cypriot Soprano Vivianna Giannaki won the International Opera Competitions “GIUSEPPE DI STEFANO“(2000), Sicily and the 8th European Opera Competition “GIUSEPPE E STANISLAO GIACOMANTONIO“(2000) in Reggio Calabria. With a sponsorship from the “A. S. ONASSIS FOUNDATION“, followed Master classes and Repertoire studies in Paris – France.

Vivianna has collaborated as a soloist with the Greek National Opera, the Athens Concert Hall. Followed theatrical studies (J. Grotowski method) for five years. Created the project `Cyprus – Passion of the Heart `, a Recital of Cypriot songs and poetry, from medieval and renaissance era and the land`s tradition. Part of this work has been integrated in the main inauguration recital for the Cypriot presidency of the E.E, on July 2012), the project `SOUL ` In collaboration with Tejo Bolten, `, as well as the projects `1955 – Cypriot Angels, `O En Kypro Emfanisthis`, all with the support of the Cyprus Ministry of Culture and Education.

Created the `Sangre y Agua Group` dedicated to Argentine Tango productions `Bailando Espero` `Deep in Tango` Concert, `Tango Crudo`, `Sangre y Agua Tango` at Pallas Theatre Athens, (All Copyrights@Vivianna Giannaki 2015).In March 2017 presented the project `Pasiones Cruzadas Argentina Grecia Chipre` under the hospice and organization of the Greek Embassy in Argentina at the Centro Cultural Nestor Kirchner, Buenos Aires and will be presented in the Embassy of the Cypriot Republic in Greece on the 31st of May 2017. Trained in Japanese Martial Art Aikido.

Album: `VIVIANNA` / Vivianna Giannaki – Tejo Bolten

Label: Mutantjasz

Mariano Gil is an Argentine-Italian guitarist born in 1977 in Pinamar, Argentina. He began studying music in his home town and later moved to Buenos Aires. In 1997 he was admitted to the Advanced Guitar Studies undergraduate program, at the Conservatorio Astor Piazzolla de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, under the leadership of the Maestros Vicente Elias and Javier Bravo. He graduated in 2007.

Mariano also studied Tango and Tango arrangements with the Maestros Anibal Arias and Pino Enriquez at the Academia Nacional de Tango and has attended master classes and clinics by Paquito D'Rivera, Diego Schissi, Quique Sinesi y Facundo Guevara.

For his Solo Set he chooses the classic Spanish guitar, with nylon strings, and play his own compositions, toying with different tunes and making use of resources as basso continuo, open strings and melodic developments within an arpeggio. The repertoire also spans World Music as well as works by Egberto Gismonti, Roland Dyens and Carlo Domeniconi to name a few.

Album ` Travesia`:

Some performances:

International Guitar Festival “Guitarras del Mundo”, Argentina.

“Pinamar a Cuerda” Festival, Pinamar, Argentina.

Toured Mexico in 2017.

TEDx Talks, Pinamar, Argentina.

Launch of “Travesia” on Circe, Art Factory (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and De la Torre Theatre (Pinamar, Argentina). Nine European Tours between 2002-2012 with Cuesta Arriba trio, with shows in Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Twice finalist on the Pre-Cosquin competition with Cuesta Arriba. European Tour in 2010 with the duo Gil-Vitullo / Tarbes Tango Festival (France).