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Marla Leigh
United States
Influences: Middle Eastern , North African , Jewish
Genres: world, world beat, new age, percussion, middle eastern
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February 2023 #5 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Marla Leigh - Rhythms of Tof Miriam (Official Music Video) (video)
February 2023 #14 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Rhythms Of Tof Miriam (track)
February 2023 #33 - Global Top 40 Marla Leigh - Rhythms of Tof Miriam (Official Music Video) (video)
One of the few female frame drummers on the world stage today, Grammy-nominated musician Marla Leigh celebrates the inseparable nature of spirituality and music with her DEBUT album and music video: Rhythms of Tof Miriam.

Inspired by musical traditions from various ancient cultures, this album project was recorded in Israel. At its core, Rhythms of Tof Miriam is about staying positive through challenging times by using the universal language of rhythm to help us rediscover our genuine connections. Marla reflects, “The Tof Miriam experience is timeless but fresh, spicy and rich, comforting yet mysterious. I want to encourage listeners to reorient themselves - internally and externally - with the therapeutic effects of music.”

The album pays homage to the prophetess Miriam who played the frame drum in Biblical times, and to the ancient lineage of women frame drummers.
Listen to it here;

Marla's second full -lenght studio album will be released in Winter 2023.

Marla also is a percussionist/flautists for a variety of music ensembles, and also performs as a soloist and with her own band around the world.