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United States
December 12/01/21, 2021
Ricky Paquette Debuts \'Sparks\ Over 15 years since his debut, Ricky Paquette is set to make a comeback with his new Sparks LP. Co-written and produced by Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, The Glorious Sons, The Trews, Reel Big Fish), the nine tracks mix Paquette’s classic rock influences with more contemporary country sounds. Although Sparks is not a 70s revival, it has that dreamy, larger than life vibe.

Stream Sparks in its entirety now:

Taken from the record, “Feels So Real” came about when Paquette felt alone and stuck inside his head during the beginning of the pandemic. During a phone call with a friend who was not doing well at the time, he suddenly realised that sometimes we create a lonely world inside our brains that makes everything start to feel so real. However, it's not everybody's reality – someone is there for you, and there's a way to find help. When you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing to hide. It's a song to inspire people to reach out when they are in need of help.

Listen here: