Emanuele Ammendola
Influences: Mediterranean , African , North American
Genres: live session, african _ neapolitanslow funk, acoustic, ethno jazz
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March 2021 #3 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Saglie (video)
March 2021 #6 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Pia (video)
March 2021 #15 - Global Top 40 Saglie (video)
Photo by: Emanuele Ammendola
One of the most original neapolitan artist, he plays double bass and sings, writes original songs and works up pieces from folk traditional repertoire of Vesuvio, the ancient volcano near Naples(south Italy).
Melody and the harmonic research become the founding elements of his music and he developed a beautiful acoustic sound inspired to neapolitan and mediterranean influences.
He recorded two album: “Dalla Terra dei fuochi” and “Migr ”, a concept album on migration.
The second one won or has been classified in very important Italian awards like Musicultura and Permio De Andrè and it is also running for other Italian world music awards.
Actually has been selected in Show case STAND-BY List of Womex 2020 and during the years has collected live experiences also in Europe.
In October will come out his new album for the “Italian World Beat” label.