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Influence: Middle Eastern
Genre: electronic
Influence: Middle Eastern
Genre: electronic
PRAED Japantour 2019 PRAED Japan Tour 2019, our 5th, with concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe. We are presenting the new album "Doomsday Survival Kit" out on Akuphone as CD and Vinyl! webpage in Japanese: 11th of September at the Yellow Vision in Tokyo, Japan 12th of September at the Knuttel House in Tokyo, Japan 13th of September at the Velvet Sun in Tokyo, Japan 14th of September at the Jazz Art Sengawa Festival in Tokyo, Japan 15th of September at the Bonobo in Tokyo, Japan 16th of September at the Spazio Rita in Nagoya, Japan 17th of September at the Take Five in Osaka, Japan 18th of September at the Big Apple in Kobe, Japan 19th of September at the Environment 0g in Osaka, Japan 20th of September at the Forestlimit in Tokyo, Japan tbc. more
PRAED in STUBNITZ June 2019! PRAED in STUBNITZ June 2019! Double Raed with "the head" intro and extract from "Doomsday Survival Kit" more
On the Verge of Trance Akuphone presents « Doomsday Survival Kit », PRAED ’s fourth album. This is the ultimate kit to prepare calmly for the sixth extinction! The Lebanese duo delivers a raging interpretation of the chaabi – popular Arabic music – using synthesizers, drum Machines, samples and other devices. The result is hypnotic and psychedelic, on the verge of trance. The clarinet of Paed Conca and the soaring lyricism of Raed Yassin sound like distant calls for help emerging from a world that is falling apart and slipping away. The record itself is enhanced by its sleeve – designed by the Lebanese artist Raphaëlle Macaron – printed in 5 Pantone colors making it as explosive as the music.   get the album here: more
Make no mistake Doomsday Survival Kit is an assault on the senses Swiss/ Lebanese duo Praed aren’t interested in building things slowly and developing their music over time on their fourth album. Not at all. They’re all about the bombast, they’d rather drop you midway, or perhaps mid frenzy into electronic maelstrom of electronic beats, electrics and clarinet. Their sound is heightened, psychedelic chaabi (Arabic popular music), electrified, relentless – these hyper energized slabs of breathless energy. By Bob Baker Fish on January 20, 2019 see the full article here:   more
Founded by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca in 2006, “Praed” is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics. In the same year, the band made its first public appearance in Al Maslakh festival in Switzerland, immediately followed by a concert at the Irtijal festival in Beirut. Since then, the band has frequented numerous int... more
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