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Jeremy Davis
Jane Jensen is an ever evolving artist, and she’s proved that once again in her newest “Enchant,” which was released on March 18th.

“Enchant” is the perfect song for people to look introspectively at themselves, to practice wellness techniques, to meditate, or to simply luxuriate in a “rich audio fantasy.” It consists of eerie but beautiful vocals, a relaxing guitar, and a lo-fi beat in the background. It makes you want to become a Yogi and dedicate your life to self improvements.

Jane Jensen is an award-winning singer/songwriter. Jane writes music for film and television and is currently developing an alternative health and wellness series, as exemplified in her newest album. Her music is released through Interscope, Fiction UK, Fifth Colvmn, Martin Atkin’s Invisible Records and her own label Autozen. She’s highly decorated and has been awarded by ASCAP Plus, Unisong and JPF Music.

We are SO excited about Jane Jensen’s newest release, which you can listen to here:
Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Atoosa Grey has just released the haunting and beautiful “Storms.” This chamber pop ballad has lush strings and a melancholy feel.

Grey wrote this song on the piano, and decided to layer her beautiful playing with a small ensemble consisting of strings and woodwinds. In reference to her album, Atoosa says that “there is light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes the real enlightenment comes from ruminating in the shadows.” This theme plays out in “Storms,” as the narrator reflects on past events that may have caused some negative impact to better understand them.

Atoosa promises she won’t wait another ten years before she puts out more music. Pondering the many gifts of Dear Darkness, she says: “In telling the truth, these songs gave me hope and freedom. The dark can transform, heal, and toughen us; and ultimately struggle can be a source of much richness in our lives.”

Listen in via: more
Israeli vocal-medium Raphaela Gilla just put out her newest spiritual album, “Ancient Angel." Even though she was born in Israel, she is now based in Berlin and London and works as both a musician and Spiritual Guide. She lets her spiritual background take center stage in her music, stating “The first time that I held a Singing Bowl in my hands I heard magical sounds, music & melodies from another world”. She shares her teachings and guidance through both her work as a musician and a messenger of an ancient shaman tribe.

Lead single “The Love Of All” is a soothing ballad filled with an echoing piano, angelic harmonies, and mesmerizing chimes. She slips in and out of English while delivering her empowering spiritual teachings that really resonate in the soul of anyone who hears them. When it comes to her choices for musical instruments, Gilla says, “Since that first time of revelation the same divine magic was happening with every musical instrument that I was holding in my hands. Especially with exotic, far east instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, shaman drums, shruti box. They have become my loyal musical companions”.

Raphaela Gilla is able to combine her passions for both music and spirituality in such a beautiful way, and that is shown in this record. Her vocal ability, her connectivity to the outer elements of the world, and her capabilities in creating captivating melodies and visuals are just a few of the reasons we were so blown away by this track and accompanying video. The illustration video that she has so tastefully paired with this audio release has completely entranced her fans, allowing them to go along the journey of nature, connectivity, and inner peace.

With the release of her full album, “Ancient Angel” Raphaela Gilla is a force of nature, and is helping her listeners to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally along the way.

Listen here: more
Award-winning singer/songwriter Gilli Moon has released 2 full volumes of her genre-defying double album Beautiful Mess, which in this day and age of single releasing a Smörgåsbord of tunes.

Beautiful Mess Vol. 1 includes the stylistically intriguing “Summer Heat” from Beautiful Mess Vol. 1. The song has a slow bossa nova feel that makes it really jazzy and enjoyable. Moon’s sultry vocals paired with the authentic instrumentation give the song a really nice groove that I know people who enjoy jazz would really vibe with.

Beautiful Mess Vol. 2 includes the song “Ambiguity”, which made sure to give us all the angst. The intro of the song seems to pull influence from the James Bond theme style; insanely sultry and dramatic. When you least expect it, the song bursts into a driven rock song that any woman can relate to. It has all the pent up rage of someone who has had to deal with a crappy guy. Moon’s vocals and songwriting skills are on full display with this single.

With the release of Beautiful Mess, Gilli Moon has proven that she can write songs for any genre. She put her own spin on a Latin-influenced song with “Summer Heat” and she executed it beautifully. “Ambiguity” is a perfect post breakup banger for any woman who needs to get over their lousy ex. People who think Moon is just an indie songwriter are sorely mistaken, especially with the release of this epic collection of songs.

Listen in here!
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