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Jeremy Davis
The Núñez Project Talks All That Jazz Formed in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2014 by bassist and composer Luis Núñez, The Núñez Project blends autochthonous Puerto Rican rhythms of bomba and plena, fused with elements from hip hop, jazz, salsa and songo. Composed of six musicians, The Núñez Project bridges the gap between trending jazz sounds and Puerto Rico’s vibrant musical culture. With two new singles in tow, The Núñez Project shows no signs of slowing down. We had the chance to sit down with Luis for an insightful interview which you can dive into below.   When you are writing music, what comes first within the song? Melodies, certain tones, harmonies... First, let me take a second to say thank you for this opportunity and taking the time to listen to my music. Normally the first thing that comes to mind are the melodies, however, for me the most important thing is how the melody interacts with the rhythm. The genres on which this project is based, Puerto Rican  bomba and plena -are unremitting genders of our African heritage in Puerto Rico, therefore, the drum always has the "last word" I think Lares is a good example of how this happens. The central theme is a pretty rhythmic melody, with beautiful passages. The rhythmic session not only serve as a floor for the melody, but plays a fundamental role in how the melody develops and moves through the song.   What is the inspiration and aspirations behind the latest single release which comes out this week? Lares is the name of a town in the mountain area of Puerto Rico that has a special meaning. There was held in 1868 the largest revolt for the independence of Puerto Rico against the Spanish regime. Although it was not successful due to several factors, that town has a special meaning in the history of our country. That's why the title. It is an song that seeks to celebrate our history as a people and our struggle and search for independence. That's one of the reasons why the song is so powerful, it's a celebration but it's also a fight song My main objective with this project is to be able to present my music and the culture of my country to the rest of the world. I think that these genres have much to offer world culture and that I can be a good link between Puerto Rico and the rest of the world. My music includes not only the traditional of my land, but also fuses it with Caribbean elements such as merengue and salsa and American elements such as jazz, funk and hip hop. The  Nunez  Project has a lot to offer and this production is a portrait of that.   Can you tell us about the The  Nunez  Project? How did it form, who does it consist of; who are the key players?   It was created around 2014. I had been working around the island with several groups but I felt it was time to create a concept that represented me and that I could identify myself by listening to their music. In a short time, we present ourselves on important stages such as the Heineken Jazz Fest- Ventana al Mar, University of Puerto Rico, Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian, among others. For me, this is a project that presents many of the ideas I have and my way of seeing Puerto Rican music. The group is very special. The group itself includes Michael Rodriguez (Chick Corea)  on trumpet , Janice Maisonet (Emina) on saxophone , Marcos López (Lila Downs) on  drums , Camilo Molina (Eddie Palmieri)  on congas-barriles and Jonathan Montes (4 for One) on piano. The beauty of this group is that we all know each other and have been working together for some time on other projects, therefore, there is an atmosphere of brotherhood. I am fortunate to have these musicians with me and have agreed to be part of this recording.   What is the ultimate inspiration when penning the tracks, especially with the new material?   Inspiration comes in many ways. From something that is heard while walking down the street, some personal story or melodies that arise in mind. The main thing for me is that each song has an identity and can tell a story. This CD is special for that reason and for this reason I called "Historias desde otros Lares" - (Stories from other homes). For me, each song tells a story and a purpose and that is something that is important to me: the identity of each song.   Do you produce and record your own songs, or do you head into the studio?    I usually write in my apartment and do all the first creative part in private. Then, I like that musicians can play the songs several times so that they have an idea of what I am looking for but can also include their feelings and musical identity in the production. Then, I go to the studio to record. When a song is written for the first time when it is recorded and played, the song has gone through several stages of evolution that are very important. From simply being a melody, to having an accompaniment and developing a little more, all this happens in private, on my piano. Then, it goes through the filter of the musicians to whom I give you the freedom to make recommendations on the subject or its execution.   What are your key musical goals for the end of the year?   The main goal by the end of this year is to be able to present the group in clubs and festivals. I have a very clear goal and it is to take Puerto Rican music to places where it has not had such a presence. I would love to hit the road with this band because I think we have a lot to offer beyond just music. The show is a very dynamic, interactive and energetic one, this including the first order band that we are I think we're going to be a great asset for Puerto Rican music and all the venues that open their doors to us.      Listen in via Soundcloud more
Mark Martyre Brings A New Sound to Life Up-and-coming Canadian songwriter Mark Martyre is no stranger to the world of music. With an epic collection of albums under his belt, he has just released his skillfully penned new record "Light Years," which came out on August 23. Hailing from Canada, Martyre brings to us his new single "Wait," which has us adoring his music with each and every listen. The peaks and valleys of the track set the true tone for the record; enchanting, well written, and stunning. "Wait," is filled with tinges of blues that bring the track, as well as the album, full circle.   Listen to "Wait" here:     More about Mark Martyre:   Mark Martyre is a Canadian writer and musician. His prolific songwriting has produced 6 full-length studio albums since 2012: Down, Record (2012), London (2013), Red Letters (2014), Bluebird (2016), Rivers (2017), and Light Years (2019), as well as several live records, and bootlegs. His music has garnered critical acclaim and attention both nationally and internationally, and has earned him “Best Songwriter” and “Album of the Year” nominations. In 2019, Mark also published a collection of his poems, and has also had several poems published in online journals and literary magazines. In 2018, Mark wrote and performed music for theatre, for the play “That Moment When.” more
Lily Frost Goes the Distance on \ Prolific, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Lily Frost made her start in the Vancouver Lounge scene of the 90’s, quickly becoming a placement darling with songs synched in G rey's Anatomy, Crazy Beautiful, Workin’ Moms, Charmed, Felicity , and Degrassi , promotions for Chevy Cobalt, and Gemini-nominated work on the theme song and score for international hit TV show Being Erica .   After the Colorifics, Lily was signed as a solo artist to Nettwerk Records, which led her back to Toronto where she signed with publisher Aporia Records, her home for the last 12 years. Lily is now independent, and her latest album, Retro-Moderne, is her finest work yet.   Lily is also known for her charismatic and dynamic stage presence, working the crowd.  Her style can emulate Audrey Hepburn’s cocktail sophistication, become tongue in cheek like a 60’s stewardess, or take a leap to the savvy edge while at other times she is as soft and breathy as an actress in a Jean-Luc Godard film.   Lily has promoted shows like Big City Social, Vintage Vixens and Bebop Babes, which bring together art communities in the city to present stylish and high quality shows you can’t find anywhere else.   With 14 album releases under her belt, she shape shifts through genres touching on topics like secrets, stonewalling, forest fires,  feminism, desire, motherhood, dreams and the intriguing entanglements between men and women. Lily collaborates with writers and producers in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and Toronto.   Give a listen to her new single  "Cruel World (Nickel & Dime)" online:     more
Auvic Makes a Splash in the World with Latest Release auvic, initially compelled by the legends Daft Punk, encapsulated himself in the aggression of Wolfgang Gartner and SebastiAn, the ambience of KOAN Sound, and t he prowess of Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin. Using powerful, story-driven melodies to take the listener on a journey, auvic's music resonates with the gaming community with hits such as "Indignation" and "Heal Me." After returning from Berklee College of Music in 2015, auvic followed up with the sequel "Heal Within," and his new Soulfire Album Series, taking roots back to classical, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. From California to New York, auvic treads the electronic world as an independent artist and we are intrigued!   Listen to the new single, "Inspire" here:   more
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