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Jeremy Davis
Urban Fu$e Goes International...Literally! Hot on our radar is international group Urban Fu$e who have been bringing down the house in a major way. The brainchild of songwriter and coordinator Suzanna Lam, she has assembled a strong force of musicians both male and female across the world. What ties the unique individuals together is their love and passion for music, as Lam brings a strong songwriting element to the group. One of our c... more
Cozmic Kicks off the New Year COZMIC is a name you need to know NOW! With his new single "Worth the Wait," the Cali and Brooklyn native creates an honest and unique sound that brings our eardrums to life. With elements of electro and pop that is placed perfectly throughout the track, it's no wonder why Cozmic is quickly becoming a househould name. His earnest lyricism that reads like poetry creates a blissful bed of music ... more
Let\'s Get Real with Abby Ahmad Abby Ahmad is an enticing musician whose name you may have heard in the past couple of months. Her charming musicianship and sense of tonality brings an artist on the rise to our ears. Ahmad who is currently sharing her noteworthy and dreamy new single "Because," is set to release her new video for the track in the next week, and we couldn't be more excited. We had the honor of catching up wit... more
Eli Lev  Brings in the Daylight on Latest Masterpiece It's been said that music is a universal language. Nobody understands that more than Washington D.C.-based artist Eli Lev, who crafts potent soundscapes from decades of traveling the world. "When I've been on the road and can't speak the language, I've always been able to play a song and suddenly everyone's singing and dancing. There's a connection there, and, in that instant, there is a comm... more
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