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Jeremy Davis
Jake Benjamin; Taking Over the World New York native Jake Benjamin pens bold and intricate tracks that put his music on our radar immediately.  The singer-songwriter brings an eclectic taste to the table that will leave his songs lingering in your ears for days to come. His latest single and video release for "Bound to You," showcases his soulful essence as he proves that he has staying power...without a doubt. With his upcoming EP due out early next year, titled "Finally Back Home," Benjamin will surely outdo himself with the depth of his songwriting both musically and lyrically. His vocals offer up a dash of heaven with underlying intricate tones that bring each of his melodies to life. Best described as "Jazz tinged Pop" Benjamin is truly in a class of his own in the current music world. It's noteworthy and shows that he will soon become a household name.  These days,  Jake  is in New York music making within a community of musicians and friends. His next release, however, will showcase his solo artistry with a collection of songs themed around Vincent van Gogh. These recordings will highlight concepts of the psyche, the human condition, and they will showcase  Jake ’s innovative use of his looper station.   Watch the video for "Bound to You," here:     Find  Jake   Benjamin  and his Blissful Tunes Online: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: iTunes: jake - benjamin /1416815545 Website:   more
Benny Sinclair Takes Over Australia and the World with Prominent Album Release Benny Sinclair is an artist that has steadily been on our radar for the past few weeks. His new album "Assumptions," is an epic record that showcases Sinclair's intricated brand of Hip Hop. With roots in Australia, Sinclair is a burst of energy in the music scene, and as he launches himself into 2020, Benny Sinclair is the hottest thing heating up the Winter.We caught up with the up-and-coming rapper which will grab your ears as well.   When you are writing music, what comes first within the song? Melodies, certain tones, harmonies...   Firstly I listen to the beat then the melody, which prompts me to rap/flow or harmonise over it. Every time I hear new music, it triggers a unique flow in my mind.   What is the inspiration and aspirations behind the latest album release "Assumptions" which came out this month?   This LP is the 3rd instalment of 4 planned LP’s based on my life, my experiences & the four agreements which I use as a guide to personal freedom. I’m hoping to deliver a positive message to my fans & have an influence in their lives as well as entertain, provide great memories & get people moving on the dance floor, in their living rooms, in the gym or where ever they are when they hear my songs!   Can you tell us about the record? How did you create it? Were there any outside key players?   This LP is my favourite to date, & Im blessed to have had many talented people involved in its production. I recently set up a small studio for my business ‘Dime & Ruff’, where we recorded some of the tracks & mixed the LP. Other tracks were recorded at my producers studios.   What is the ultimate inspiration when penning the tracks, especially within the new album?   I’m inspired by inspiring others, with my words. I know with the single ‘Nothing Comes Easy’ I’ve had Boxers message me & say how much the words inspired them before their fights, this way is a more direct influence as in a fight you really need to mentally prepare yourself & from my experience its the most important thing, regardless of what shape you are in physically. Im hoping with other tracks I inspire fans in everyday life to give them strength & belief in them selves, & to enjoy my music & learn from the lessons I’ve learnt & express in some of the songs. I also wish to entertain & put a smile on peoples faces!   Do you produce and record your own songs, or do you head into the studio?   As I’ve mentioned I recently set up a small studio for my business ‘Dime & Ruff’, where we have recorded some of the tracks & mixed the LP. At the ‘Dime & Ruff’ studio I meet with my producers & we work directly from there. Other tracks are recorded at my producers studios, but the process is generally the same. I do the songwriting, rapping & singing, unless we collaborate with other artists on tracks & my producers take care of the music. I do have an influence during the production of the music & my Team is always happy to run with my ideas!   What are your key musical goals for the end of the year;and into the New Year?   My LP Assumptions is currently being played over USA college radio and getting air play on commercial radio stations. The support & response so far has been amazing! I’m beginning to write, get ideas & beats together for my 4th LP ‘The Best’ all going well so far. I have plans for ‘Dime & Ruff’ in the new year, & would love to come out to the states to perform & collaborate with producers or artists focussing on my next LP.   Connect on Social Media & Listen Loud with Benny Sinclair : Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: iTunes: Soundcloud: Website: more
Jaywalker Kicks It With Latest Track Jaywalkers’s new single “Kickin Back On A Sunday” features rich vocals reminiscent of classic country with a modern twang that makes them one of our favorite acts of the year.   Jaywalker brings some insight regarding the track: The inspiration for the song came from only having one day off a week on the road. That is usually Sunday. On the way home the guys always ask what I am going to do with the day off, my reply would always be,” Just kickin back and hanging with my wife a kids” Can’t think of a better way to spend the day.   Jaywalker  puts a modern twist on 90’s country. Made up of the heartbeat from the award-winning band Hey Romeo, the band blurs genres to deliver heartfelt and authentic songs. Darren Gusnowsky and Rob Shapiro combine their natural chemistry formed over almost two decades of writing, recording and performing together to create a musical duo that showcases their abilities.   Catch the track on Soundcloud: jaywalker -kickin-back-on-a-sunday/s-cDL5o     Find Jaywalker Online  Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: more
Average Gypsy Unveil Upbeat Single \ Spend some time with Average Gypsy and you'll quickly learn that they operate out of pure love and integrity. Their tireless work ethic, dedication to continuous improvement and to honing their sound is reflected not only in their live performances, but also in their production.  Their new single "Panda Bunny" highlights their high-energy, multi-genre blend of deep, rolling basslines and bouncy beats.  The duo will have you obsessed within every listen as their driving beats will bring the party right to your headphones.   Listen in here: Built on a solid foundation of local support, Average Gypsy have earned a reputation for always delivering a top-notch performance. Known for their captivating stage presence, quick mixes and ability to flow through a wide range of selections, which are always cutting edge, never predictable and always dance-worthy. They’ve played numerous shows and festivals within Canada, such as Astral Harvest Music Festival (AB) and Motion Notion Music Festival (BC), and are starting to gain the attention of a global audience, playing festivals such as Genius Loci (Baja, Mexico) and One Love Fest (California, US). Recently, Average Gypsy have played several shows in the Southern California region as well as Spain, Mexico, Taipei and England.         Average Gypsy hustles. Their tireless work ethic, dedication to continuous improvement and to honing their sound is reflected not only in their live performances, but also in their production. Their debut EP, “On Yo Block!” reached #1 in Future House Releases and #30 of all releases on Beatport. Their most recent EP, "Get Some Money" reached #1 in Bass House Releases on Beatport and was played at Coachella and on Diplo's Revolution on SiriusXM. Josh & Dani have just finished producing their debut album, which is 7-track story album. Each track represents a pivotal moment in their journey together thus far.     Let's get this party started!  more
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