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Jeremy Davis
Billy Crain Comes Alive One of the most formative artists in the past few decades, Billy Crain takes his musicianship to a whole new level. The Nashville native has been garnering waves with a few new pieces from his latest endeavor due out later this month. Throughout his lengthy career he has played with the likes of The Allman Brothers and the Stones, to newer artists such as the Dixie Chicks. Taking on his solo w... more
Sarah Ragsdale Is Ready for the \  Singer-songstress Sarah Ragsdale comes to us today with an impressive song by the name of "Next Time." A new single from her upcoming record which is due out this Friday, October 6th, her stunning vocals and intricate instrumentation bring a bold and delightful sound to your speakers. Throughout her songs, Ragsdale shaes elements of her real life events and 'enchanting rhymes,' which cre... more
A is for Atom Brings a New Song for Fall Outdoing himself once again, A is for atom has shared a new piece from his upcoming record; a song titled "Last Man on the Moon.: An ethnocloud favorite for quite some time, A is for Atom has been on our radar for a couple of years now. Creating insightful tunes that will have your eardrums in love, the moniker of singer-songwriter Mike Cykoski, goes above and beyond to outdo himself each and ... more
Beto Hales Breathes Life into \ Beto Hale has just released his new single, "Orbs of Light," the title track of his newest album. A critically-acclaimed musician who has been involved in the music scene a greater part of his life, song brings out the heart and soul into his work.  Beto wrote, performed, and co-produced and played drums, percussion, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, keyboards, piano, and s... more
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