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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Jeremy Davis
United States
Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush Take Things to a Whole New Level Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush are making a waves with their gorgeously crafted new video for "The Gravity of the Goddess (No One Else Can Dance Like You)."

Christopher Hill and the Stardust Crush (TSDC) are a music project from Seattle Washington. TSDC is actually more of a musical community than a band. Chris Hill (He/Him/They/Them does the writing, singing and most of the instruments on the recordings. The music spans genre’s from Pop/Rock to Rhythm and Blues or Middle Eastern and Jazz. There are also a great deal of sound scapes and ambient noises in the background of the tracks. The lyrics have a folk sensibility to them and some have described Hill’s music as “Bob Dylan meets Radiohead.” Chris has put out five Albums/EPs since 2014 and has received critical acclaim from various music magazines and blogs throughout his career. Chris has had significant college radio play for three albums. Their album MAABA(2019) charted into the top 10 at two different stations. Peaking at #7 (KFRP Moscow ID). and reaching #9 at (KMNR MO.) MAABA’S title track video was an official selection of Seattle’s STIFF film festival (2019).

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Talia Keys Reveals a New Classic \ Talia Keys is a foot-stomping, jaw-dropping soul-funk-rock n’ roll heavy hitting artist. Advocating for human rights Talia uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness, and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another. "Music is very healing. If I can inspire just one person a show, I feel I am doing something right!" The latest single "Born In The Light," is vibrant rock piece that is laced with a dash of soul. With bold and bright horns that surround Talia's voice, the song comes together like a musical explosion that will have you craving more.

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Talia shares of the single:

My song “Born In The Light” is about the struggle you feel being different. Music is my therapy and so is nature. I wrote this song down in the deserts of Moab Utah. Inspired by the beauty, silence and stars. I am a loud, outspoken queer woman, I’ve lost countless “jobs” and fans who wanted me to stay silent and practically go back in the closet. This song is my answer to them. “You Can’t Change Who I am, Cause I was Born In The Light!”

Recorded with my band The Love with special guests Omega Horns, we are so excited to share this song with you!

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Canada\'s Parks N’ Rec Debuts Brilliant Release, Out Now Parks N’ Rec is the new project from Canadian singer Marco DiFelice (Supergarage), songwriter, music supervisor (Orphan Black, Lost Girl). In collaboration with several producers at Self Titled Studios, Parks N’ Rec deals with lost love, polarizing societies, and self-renewal.

In May 2021, Marco unveiled an album, Wish I Was Here, recorded in Central and South America. This process of releasing music while abroad is once again at the core of his forthcoming songs.

This fall, DiFelice conceived “the year that everything changed” in New York City, with a nostalgic and epic feel. While a deeply personal song, it taps into the mood and vibration of a whole world, experiencing a shared challenge. The last lyric, ”a blessing and a curse” sums it all up.

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Toronto\'s High Wasted Release Intriguing New Single \ Toronto music scene stalwarts, Paul Shepherd and Owen Marchildon, have spent the last twenty years writing songs and playing in various different bands. The addition of longtime friend and celebrated artist Val Calam was just the lift they needed to create their new project, High Wasted. Together they blend simple punk tones and exploratory lyrics that push towards a velvet induced frame of mind.

Their latest single, titled “Chuck Says,” is a grim reenactment of the working relationship between Linda Lovelace and her suitcase pimp husband, Chuck Traynor. High Wasted showcases their knack for musical lyricism and dense pillars of sound, spreading strange circumstances all around.

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Ben Sures  Brings a Dose of Folk to \ Ahead of his upcoming 2022 LP, The Story That Lived Here, Edmontonian songwriter Ben Sures is sharing “Boring People,” a piece of acute folk introspection that wrestles with the zeitgeist.

“I was trying to be honest, asking myself real questions. So much of what we tell ourselves and others is just to navigate society, to get along, to function, to not be outcast, and so much of it can be at the expense of our own truth, our emotional and mental health,” says Sures.

Connection is at the heart of this song, Sures speaking plainly about the honest realities of human nature. Recorded live in the studio, his acoustic guitar is complemented by upright bass and violin.

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