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Mr Mora
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Mr. Mora is a Moroccan artist and musician who produces and performs electronic music with a focus on chillout and lounge (downtempo). Born and raised in Morocco, Mr. Mora developed a passion for music at an early age and started producing and performing his own electronic tracks. His music is influenced by a variety of genres and artists, and he has a unique sound that blends different styles and elements.

Indeed, Mr. Mora's music incorporates elements of traditional Moroccan music, such as the use of North African percussion instruments and melodic patterns found in the Gnawa and Berber musical traditions. These traditional elements are blended with contemporary electronic music production techniques such as synthesis, sampling, and sequencing. The result is a distinctive and captivating sound that incorporates both ancient and modern musical elements. Mr. Mora's music often features hypnotic and danceable rhythms, atmospheric soundscapes, and evocative melodies, creating an immersive and emotional listening experience.

Mr. Mora has released a number of tracks and EPs, and his music has been featured on different radio shows and podcasts. One of his remixes was selected for the "Hed Kandi America Serve Chilled 2009" compilation. Other tracks and remixes were selected for worldwide compilations, and some of his mixes are on the "W-Hotels" playlists.

Overall, Mr. Mora is a dedicated and passionate musician who is actively creating and sharing his music with the world. His music is characterized by its unique fusion of traditional Moroccan music and contemporary electronic music, creating a sound that is both distinct and captivating.
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