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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Asian , India , West European
Genres: electronic, techno, trance, acid, ethno, progressive, psychedelic, dub
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[GHR16] Cardamohm - Orient Calling EP Our new EP Orient Calling is out on Global Hybrid Records :   1. Sahara ( 06:08) 2. Agadez Cross ( 08:16)   A word from the artist : After months of wandering through sandy deserts, from Morocco to rajhastan, gathering tribal rhythms and hypnotizing melodies; Cardamohm present you: Orient Calling. The first track, Sahara, will bring you to the tuaregs, mysterious men dressed in blue, walking step by step in the burning sand. You will be guided during this journey by the windy sound of the kawala (an Egyptian flute) and heavy basses will give you the rhythm. The second part of the journey also blends electronic components with traditional sounds from the ancient world. On the second track: Agadez Cross; you will travel east to meet the voices of Berber women guided by the bamboo flute, also know as bansuri, while tribal drums are taking possession of all bodies and souls. We hope you will enjoy the journey Mix & mastering by Adrien Glineur Design by Tôhm Distrub. Press. Promo. by Global Hybrid Records All Right reserved Cardamohm : Global hybrid Records :     more
Cardamohm & Friends - Hybrid Seeds EP C ardamohm is happy to present Hybrid Seeds , which offers an alternative vision of their debut album A Seed, blending machines and a whole bunch of magic flutes. The french ethno trance duo has invited some friends to remix five tracks and create these hybrid seeds with their own style, from deep psydub to groovy psytrance Mastered by Adrien Sauvaget @X-Pand Sound Mastering, with artwork by BaBa Shikoine.     Here is the tracklist: 1. La Embarcación (Johnfaustus Remix) 06:51 2. A Seed (4bstr4ck3r Remix) 04:26 3. Tazmania (Via'on Remix) 07:54 4. Take Off (Yuniversound Remix) 09:23 5. Gipsy Train (Neuromatic Remix) 07:04 Out on the 9th of september 2017, high quality free download on ! more
Cardamohm\'s first album \ A Seed is Cardamohm's first album, made of 8 tracks mixing wind instruments and electronic music. The CD comes in a beautiful digipack including a 12 pages booklet with a painting for each track, drawn by BaBa Shikoine.  This CD also features 3 remixes as bonus tracks: - La Embarcación (Johnfaustus Remix) - A Seed (4bstr4ck3r Remix) - Tazmania (Via'on Remix)  Get it now for 15e (digipack CD) or 8e (digital HQ download) ! more
Photo by: Cardamohm
About: Cardamohm Live @ Dock des Suds (Marseille) 14/04/17
Photo by: Cardamohm
About: Cardamohm Live @ Dock des Suds (Marseille) 14/04/17 - Try Low Beat
Photo by: Cardamohm
About: Cardamohm Live @ Dock des Suds (Marseille) 14/04/17 - System NO3
Photo by: Cardamohm
About: A Seed CD album
Photo by: Cardamohm
About: A Seed (flyer front)
Cardamohm is the live project of System NO3 & Try Low Beat.Blending machines and a whole bunch of magic flutes, the duo creates a world of contrasts and invite you to a deep journey into the trance music.No ingredient should be banned when creating music, it's all about dosing. Cardamohm's recipe mixes techno grooves, distorded acidlines, dubby keyboards, powerful basslines and ethereal landscapes. But their secret is obviously the flute: when it enters the dance, you'll just have to close your eyes to take off! Imagine you're raving in a farewell country, India or South America maybe, unless you're still in Brittany?