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Daemonia Nymphe
September 09/24/16, 2016

Back from the wonderful Faerieworlds festival, one of the best festivals we have ever played. Such an oneiric place; nature was showing its best appearance. And what can we say about all the lovely people? At times we felt like we were in Tim Burton’s 'Big Fish' Universe, such a magical atmosphere! However we finally decided to keep our shoes on. Until we meet again!

Many thanks to Kelly Miller-Lopez and Emilio Miller-Lopez for inviting us to their incredible festival! It was amazing sharing the stage with you Kelly; you are a lovely soul and a great musician! Thanks to Donald Brodsky and Theo for contributing to our show, you brought so much to it. Very happy to have had the amazing Regina Anne on stage with us! You are such a marvellous performer! 
And last but not least thanks to the fantastic audience for being so enthusiastic and supportive! Until next time!


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Daemonia Nymphe(Δαιμονία Νύμφη) is an esoteric ensemble formed in Greece.  Their founder, Spyros Giasafakis, is the first artist worldwide to compose and perform improvisations in ancient Greek instruments, such as Kithara, Lyra and Varvitos, handcrafted with design and materials authentic to their epoch.  Evi Stergiou is a memb... more
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