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Influences: Mediterranean , West European , Jewish
Genres: pizzica, world, tarantella, ethno, ethnic, taranta, roots, folk, new composer, ancient
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6 times in the Global Top 40
December 2021 #39 - Global Top 40 Melograno, Mosaico, Khaossia (track)
November 2021 #14 - Global Top 40 Melograno, Mosaico, Khaossia (track)
January 2021 #6 - Global Top 40 Jentu a levante, Magellano (video)
2 times in the Global Top 40
2 times in the Global Top 40
2 times in the Global Top 40
Khaossia - Jentu a levante, Magellano
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Khaossia
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Khaossia
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Magellano
The ensemble was born in 2005, in response to the desire of public and private bodies, as well as individuals with a passion for the southern folk genre, for a band representing the Salento region and its musical traditions in Lombardy. It comprises musicians who specialise in a number of genres, including ethnic and folk music from Salento in particular. Khaossia position themselves as a meeting point for different musical cultures, starting from a preference for Irish and Hellenic sounds. The curiosity towards the space is strengthened by the attention and respect towards the time, through the careful revival of ancient and sometimes forgotten sounds. The respect towards the culture and history of Salento forms the basis of Khaossia's approach to the region's folk music.

The ethno ensemble has received positive reviews from both critics (Froots, World Music Magazine, Folker!, Trade, Folkbulletin, Linea Trade, Blogfoolk, WFMU Radio, Radio Popolare, Radio Onda d'Urto) and the public, thanks to performances in Italy (The Night of the Tarantula 2005; Ponchielli Theatre in Cremona 2006; Appennino Folk Festival 2007, Isola Folk 2007, WAM Festival Mozart di Rovereto 2014 and 2015; International Arts Festival 2015), and abroad (Jelsa 2005, Paris 2006, Babel Med Music in Marseilles 2008, Gugghinsberg 2008, USA 2010, April and October 2012 and 2013; Salonicco 2013 and 2014; Manila 2014, Londra 2014 and 2015; Praga 2015). In 2007 they published their first CD "De Migratione" on CPC label. In 2009, under the same label, they published "La rassa a bute", a musical drama from the early 8th century written by an anonymous author in the dialect of Lecce. The original musical script was lost, so Khaossia composed and recorded original music for it.

In 2010, Khaossia completed their first tour of the USA on the invitation of the General Consulate of Italy in Philadelphia, playing at the prestigious Art Museum of Philadelphia and at the "Fiorello Laguardia" Art School in New York, amongst others.

In 2011, Khaossia begun the production of "Le Grechesche", which was published in 2012 for the University of Salento, CNI and CPC. Invited by the General Consulate of Italy in Philadelphia and sponsored by the Puglia and Lombardy Regional Councils as well as the University of Salento, they toured the US again in April and October 2012, performing in New York and Philadelphia. They performed their new material at the famous Saint Joseph University and other prestigious locations, enjoying a great amount of interest and recognition everywhere.

In 2013, Khaossia brought to life EOS, a work that combines music, video art and prose, inspired by the story of Jewish refugees who escaped the Nazis and took refuge in Salento during the postwar period. EOS was brought on tour in the USA in 2013, premiering at the San Diego Italian Film Festival, with successive performances at the Seton Hall University in New Jersey, the Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and the World Cafe Live.

In 2014, Khaossia completed their first tour of the Philippine on the invitation of the Philippine Internazional Jazz Festival.