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4 times in the Global Top 40
December 2021 #39 - Global Top 40 Melograno, Mosaico, Khaossia (track)
November 2021 #14 - Global Top 40 Melograno, Mosaico, Khaossia (track)
January 2021 #30 - Global Top 40 Petra, Magellano (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
2 times in the Global Top 40
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Khaossia
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Khaossia
Photo by: Khaossia
About: Magellano
Founded by the Salento flautist Luca Congedo in 2005, they boast an intense international concert activity. Between 2010 and 2013, Khaossia were invited by the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia for four distinct tours between the East and West Coasts of the USA. In August 2013 and 2014, they were invited by the University of Thessaloniki to give a lecture-concert. In 2014, they opened the WA Mozart Festival in Rovereto, where they returned by popular demand in 2015. In 2014, with the support of Puglia Sounds, they toured the Philippines. Between 2015 and 2019, the cycle of European tours opened between London, Prague, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Paris, Madrid, Cluj, Bar, and Berlin. In 2019, they presented Magellano at The Poetry Society in Covent Garden (London).

They began their career in 2005 as a group re-proposing traditional Salento songs, including the pizzica, but soon added their original productions to this. The origin of all Khaossia's projects is to start from the history, culture, and tradition of Salento to explore ancient and modern sound worlds, near and far, seeking, in musical experimentation, an adequate vehicle to shed light on forgotten and dusty pages of Salento history.

Khaossia have always had a positive response from the critics for the originality of the productions. They have been reviewed, among others, by Froots, Folkbulletin, Songlines, Radio Popolare, Radio Onda d'Urto, Radio Rai 3 Suite, Radio Rai 3 Battiti, Radio Rai1, WFMA, FEBC, RTVE, Blogfoolk.

In the ten years of life, the ethno ensemble boasts an intense concert activity both in Italy (including: Notte della Taranta (2005); Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona (2006); Appennino Folk Festival (2007); Isola Folk (2007); Cambonino Festival (2007, 2008, 2009); Cremona Folk Festival (2010); Fek Festival (2010); 5th Festival of Popular Music of Settimo Milanese (2012), 27th and 28th WA Mozart International Festival (2014 and 2015)), and internationally (Jelsa (2005); Paris (2006, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018); Marseille (2008); Gugginsberg (2008); Philadelphia (2010, 2012, and 2013); New York (2010, 2012, and 2013); New Jersey (2010, 2012, and 2013); San Diego (2013); Thessaloniki (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018); Manila (2014); London (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019); Prague (2015, 2016, 2017); Boskovice (2016); Madrid (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019); Ioannina (2016, 2018); Bar, Montenegro (2016); Berlin (2017)).

In 2007, they released their first CD, De Migratione, on the CPC label, and in 2009 they composed and recorded the music for the eighteenth-century opera buffa in the Leccese language, La rassa a bute.

In 2010, Khaossia, during the tour organized by the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia, performed in the auditorium of the Fiorello La Guardia High School in New York. In Philadelphia, they were guests of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, presented by the Consul General of Italy; they have given concerts in Norristown in New Jersey, in Horsham, at the Wynn Common of the University of Pennsylvania, and at the America Italy Society in Philadelphia.

In 2011, they began the production of the CD Le Grechesche, which they concluded and published in 2012 for the CNI, with the funding of the University of Salento. Invited by the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia and supported by the Puglia Region (Puglia Sound) and the Lombardy Region, they left for their second tour in the USA, playing between New York and Philadelphia. They presented the CD Le Grechesche at Saint Joseph's University and in other prestigious locations, gaining interest and acknowledgments everywhere.

In 2013, their fourth album, EOS, was released, a project dedicated to the history of Giulia My from Salento and the Romanian painter Zivi Miller, a Jew who escaped the Nazi concentration camps, who spent his rehabilitation in Salento, in Santa Maria al Bagno. EOS is Khaossia's first project that blends music, theater, and video art. The work had its world premiere in 2013, on the occasion of the group's fourth American tour, for the San Diego Italian Film Festival, in California, subsequently performed for Seton Hall University in New Jersey and for Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

In August 2013, they were invited by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to hold a lecture-concert at the EMUNI 2013 Summer Campus on the theme "Music and the sea: an intercultural journey in the 16th century between Italy and Greece."

In 2014, they opened the WA Mozart International Festival in Rovereto, where they returned by popular demand in 2015.

In 2014, they returned to the University of Thessaloniki to give a lecture to students participating in the EMUNI Transuniversity Program entitled: “Project Magellan: genesis of a show inspired by the 'Report of the First Journey Around the World' by Antonio Pigafetta, Knight of Rhodes.”

With the support of Puglia Sounds and the Puglia Region, they toured the Philippines, playing for the Philippine International Jazz Festival and the International Guitar Festival.

2015 opens with the European tour which touches important clubs in London, Prague, and Berlin. They are invited to represent the Rassa in Bute at the International Arts Festival of Cupertino (LE).

From January to May 2016, Khaossia are engaged in the European tour, touching clubs and festivals in the major capitals.

In October 2016, they were invited by the Orthodox Patriarchate of Bar (Montenegro) to inaugurate the new cathedral on the occasion of the thousandth anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Vladmir.

In November 2016, Khaossia left, sponsored by the Puglia Region as winners of the Puglia Sounds Export 2016, for the Magellano European Tour with the new work Magellano – Diario dell'Inquietudine, touching Madrid (Italian School in Madrid), Paris (Au Petit Théâtre du Bonheur), London (Bedroom Bar), Thessaloniki, and Ioannina (Teatro Comunale de Ioannina).

In 2017, they continued the tour for the major European capitals and cities. In collaboration with the En Madrid otra Italia association, they participated in the Passione Italia 2017 event organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Madrid and by the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

In 2018, the second European tour of Magellano started, again with the support of Puglia Sounds Export and Look Studio-CNI. Khaossia returned to Madrid, Ioannina, and Paris.

Khaossia Tournee 2018

In 2019, they presented Magellano at The Poetry Society in Covent Garden (London) and in the cultural circles of Madrid.

In 2021, they were invited by the Robert Capa Estuvo Aqui Festival to present the original work, performed in world premiere, Los últimos días de Gerda Taro.

In 2022, they returned to Madrid at the request of the Anastacio de Garzia Foundation for the performance of a new concept musical commissioned for the Robert Capa Estuvo aqui Festival, Querela Pacis.

In 2023, they participated, together with other Apulian formations, in the Babel Music XP in Marseille on the Puglia Sounds stand.

Also in 2023, thanks to the support of Puglia Sounds Export, they staged for Comites Spain, in the theater of the Italian School of Madrid, Mosaico in a musical theater version with the actor Fabio Bussotti.

In June 2023, they released the short movie Addhumare with the visual artist Hermes Mangialardo, a cartoon fairy tale set in Gallipoli, with which they immediately won the Best Music Video 2023 award at the Athvikvaruni International Film Festival 2023 in India.
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