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Itai Armon
Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern
Genres: world music, instrumental, mediterranean, oriental, middle eastern
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November 2022 #12 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Itai Armon - Neshama Yetera - Desert Music (video)
October 2022 #10 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Itai Armon Ensemble - Hafla (video)
September 2022 #15 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence ItaiArmon Ensemble - Dead Sea (video)
Photo by: Itai Armon
About: "Moments"
Photo by: Itai Armon
About: "Moments"
Photo by: Itai Armon
About: Itai Armon Ensemble
Photo by: Itai Armon
About: Itai Armon Ensemble
Photo by: Itai Armon
About: Itai Armon Ensemble
Itai Armon is a musician, composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist specializing in the Persian tar.

Itai Armon’s life story is as diverse and eclectic as the music he creates. At first, he started playing the Flute and learning western classical music and jazz. Shortly afterwards, Itai chose living within the forests of the Western Galilee, and was exposed there, for the very first time, to Jewish and Kabbalah studies in Safed. Those studies led him, in fact, to his first encounter with ancient eastern music and the Maqam through the chants and prayers of the synagogue. Herein the seeds for the inseparable bond between the spiritual and musical aspects were planted.

At the end of a whole year of travelling throughout south america, Itai returned to Israel and joined several world music ensembles and music groups, and started learning the secrets of the Persian and Azeri music with the critically acclaimed composer and musicologist Piris Eliyahu, in addition to the art of the Persian Tar - his main instrument to this day.

His spiritual and musical wanderings are a key element of his creative process, and they accompany him all throughout his life: a journey to India for a better understanding of Indian music and culture, as well as musical gatherings in Crete, in which he had expanded his knowledge of eastern, and especially Iranian, Music; travels to Egypt, Greece and Turkey - all of which are the foundations to his inspiration and unique compositions.

Itai Armon’s creation draws from his love for music, and it roots down towards the deep knowing of ancient middle eastern and central asian cultures and their connection with the traditions he gained through his journey. These two aside, the landscapes he witnessed in his life are reflected in the soundscapes he creates, which draw the listener into a vivid, lucid dream of melodies.

Armon accomplishes to paint with exceptional colors, figments of his imagination, and to tell a fascinating, emotional and unique story, needless of a single word. The absence of lyrics provides space and room for emotions that are beyond words, and reveals a pathway for the listeners to connect even deeper to his inner world.

Itai learned the ancient music and the Persian Tar with a number of different masters and teachers, in Israel and throughout the world. To name a few: Piris Eliyahu (Israel), Hooshang Farahani (Iran) and Khorush Ghazavian (Iran).

Itai is performing live, for the past decade, with several groups in Israel and all over the world, and took part of music festivals in India, as well as composing music for art installations, dance and theater.

In early 2016, his released his debut album, “Moments” - an original ethnic music album, and performing with the “Itai armon Ensemble” since. In April 2019, he released and album with the quartet “Brio”, a musical act the combines world music with jazz and progressive rock.
In October 2019 he released his sophomore album called "Yaara" - original ethnic music inspired from the ancient maqams.