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Photo by: Auroora
About: Auroora
Aurora is a unique folk rock band with Fado influences fronted by Porto singer Claudia Aurora and Barcelona guitarist and producer Javier Moreno. Based in Barcelona, the duo presents one of the most interesting sounds to come out of the Luso-Iberian music scene in recent years. Combining the soulful voice of Claudia, the haunting and catchy guitar riffs of Javier, and their fearless exploration of folk, rock, and Fado music, their original songs arise from the deep spiritual awakening experienced in their lives. Songs about saudade, longing, and pain (eternally depicted in the Portuguese Fado expression), but also uplifting and seductive stories about love and hope.

Aurora's live show is a mesmerizing act, at times energizing, at times meditative, which paired with the often funny stories told by Claudia between songs, make their concerts a healing experience.
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