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El Laberinto Del Coco
Puerto Rico
Influences: Caribbean , Gypsy , Oceanian
Genres: bomba fusiona, fusion, bomba fusion
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January 2023 #14 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Bombuleria (video)
March 2022 #30 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence Bombuleria (video)
June 2021 #38 - Top 40 for Caribbean Influence La Bambula (track)
El LABERINTO DEL COCO (Coco’s Labyrinth) originated from the artistic vision of the Puerto Rican percussionist Héctor “Coco” Barez and his desire to synthesize his wide-ranging musical experiences. Feeding the senses through his multi-layered compositions, Coco uses Bomba, the oldest musical tradition of African descent in Puerto Rico, as a link between his experiences in the Island and abroad. He invites his listeners to journey across an intriguing bridge between the old and the contemporary that will quicken their pulse and leave them still begging for more. His primary goal is to serve as a catalyst agent for audiences to release their everyday life concerns and to create a context where time is not a burden, but rather a creative tool to generate sublime experiences.

EL LABERINTO DEL COCO includes 13 tracks that bring together more than 20 musicians and friends from Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, and Réunion Island (a French department in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar). This international collaboration promises an exciting rhythmic journey that will reward those who listen to it with a great deal of music, art, and culture.