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Ali Hudson
October 10/20/20, 2020
Bombardier Jones creates rock and roll reminiscent of the likes of The Monkees, The Kinks, and many other Brit-rock favorites of the 90s — which doesn’t come as a surprise, considering frontrunner Ian Jones credits British psych-rock and the alt-rock of the 80s/90s as some of his greatest musical influences. Based in Baltimore, Ian Jones has long run in the underground indie-rock scene of DC, and his band’s latest release Dare to Hope has been long anticipated.

The album perfectly showcases Jones melodic vocals and guitar riffs, especially on tracks such as “Take Your Time.” “Take Your Time” gently carries the listener through a sweetly sung chorus as electric guitars softly strum in the background. As the melody builds, sweet piano accompaniments contribute to the reassuring sonic landscape of the track, instilling peace within the listener.

Listen here:


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