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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Mediterranean , North African , Gypsy
Genres: world music; world fusion music
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Photo by: Kërkim
Photo by: Kërkim
About: Kërkim Live in Lecce
Photo by: Kërkim
Photo by: Kërkim
About: Kërkim - LaGiostra
The Kërkim was born in Puglia, turned to the lands of the Mediterranean. From Albania takes its name, in the meaning of search and observation, a costant motion made possible by dialogue, essence of worldmusic. Takes its inspiration from the street, listening sounds, smells and observing its steps. Kërkim meets, listens, preserves and rereads the frequencies of those lands; from the Balkans to North Africa, crossing Turkey and Syria and to the end weaving its own sound that has no borders…

Manuela Salinaro, ethnic percussion set;

Morris Pellizzari, vocal, saz, guitar;

Bruno Galeone, accordion;

Vincenzo Grasso, clarinet, soprano sax, bass clarinet;

Francesco Pellzzari, drum; sounds effects;