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Group ШумиловБор

is one of the projects of ShumBorStudio (https://shumborstudio.bandcamp.com)

Launched in December 2017.

Style - post-rock-ambient-ethno.

Александр Иванов (Ivan Shumoff/Rjan) – guitar, vocal, lyrics, composition, sampling


has been working in music since 1980.

The participant of the Riga rock club (1985-1992).

Leader of the groups «УВЫ», «Дорога Домой», «Врекеоблака».

Creator of ShumBorStudio (since 1997).

Founder of the resource https://rockclubriga.bandcamp.com Author of three collections of poems.

Сергей Масленников – drums, percussion, vocal, sampling


Researcher of Russian and Cossack folklore.

A long-time participant of the folklore group "Здравица" (Ventspils, Latvia).

Member of the mixed choir "Cantabile" (Ventspils, Latvia).

Member of the vocal ensemble "Татьянин День" (Ventspils, Latvia).

Виктор Топор - guitar, bass guitar, vocal.

Member of music groups:

NaGolyak (Odessa) 1973-1975;
The Time (Odessa) 1975-1980;
Port Culture Palace (Ventspils) 1988-1989;
VOVA (Riga) 2012-2017.

Recorded several songs that were played on LR 4 (Riga).
Lives and works in Riga and Ventspils.

Андрей Лазарев - keyboards

"...I have been doing music all my life."
At the age of 8, I entered the music school, piano.
After graduation - Choral Conducting Faculty of the Jazeps Medins' Riga 1st School.
I did not study there for long - I was drawn to modern music.
I played in different compositions in clubs, palaces of culture, etc.
In the Riga rock club from 1986 to 1990 (group CART-BLANCH).
We recorded 2 albums: "KAL-KHOZ"

"UNDER THE BANNER OF THE GREAT DOWN" https://rockclubriga.bandcamp.com/album/live-1989

Since 1990, I have worked in various projects with musicians of the Riga rock club, including A. Ivanov in the project "GENEVA" (2001).
Then I retired and returned to music in the 2010s.
With former members of the group KART-BLANCH and musicians of the Riga rock club, I recorded an album in memory of Dmitry "Mych" Chelyshev (vocalist of KB) "WHAT HAPPENED TOMORROW"

At the moment, I play in the group `SHUMILOV BOR` and in the group `13 FRIENDS OF NORRIS`.
I also participate in the project of Andrey Yakhimovich as the person responsible for recording and mixing, and I am engaged in my own project (so far without a name).

"An outstanding keyboardist-politonalist, noteworthy Castanian, builder of other people's mansions" DS

Lives and works in Riga.
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