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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
About "Flute Makers Heart"
This is the first single from my upcoming album titled "Flute Maker." I am a flute maker and a majority of the flutes I play in my music are flutes I've made. Each flute I've made I've put my heart into it. Each flute I make uplifts my heart knowing that I'm sharing the gift of music.
A flute makers heart is deep, colorful, expansive, vast, pure, and true. A flute makers heart connects with the flute makers of the past, present and future. A flute makers heart is grateful for the trees. A flute makers heart is strengthened with each flute made with their hands. A flute make puts their heart into each flute they make. A flute makers heart is filled with the voices and songs of each flute they make.