Carbon Footprint Music Productions
United Kingdom
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Debbie D
Debbie D
United Kingdom
Genre: singer/songwriter, climate change, charity single, dance
Gary Haywood
Gary Haywood
United Kingdom
Genre: singer/songwriter, climate change, charity single, dance, rock, reggae, ska, commemorative, classical, faith
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We are a Digital ONLY Non-Profit Record Label.
Working towards #ThePowerOfMusic4ClimateChange.
Music is so influential in many areas of life, this is our chance to raise awareness of Climate Change from within the Music Industry.
Be sure to check us out on Twitter at
We run/Curate Monthly Spotify Playlists including a Billboard Chart. Find out more at Twitter as above.
We Love all sorts of Music and support 3K+ Independent Unsigned Artist's on our Social Media Channels.
We also have two Playlists on YouTube which are constantly added to:
1) Best of the Best of Indie and
2) Mental Therapy Playlist through Great Music

We are reaching out to more Artists on here than the 3.7K we already know from Twitter, spreading our music tastes and our Demographics at the same time, in the hope that we can show the world your music and what it's about