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Xiangwen Chen
Influences: Asian
Genres: guzheng
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14 times in the Global Top 40
August 2022 #21 - Global Top 40 The New Song of Lake Dongting (video)
July 2022 #1 - Global Top 40 The New Song of Lake Dongting (video)
June 2022 #14 - Global Top 40 Affectionate Queen (video)
Xiangwen chen was born in China and moved to Thailand in 2004, she is currently a candidate of Ph.D. in musicology at the Krirk University, Thailand. Xiangwen got Master degree of Education in City University of Malaysia, and master dagree of Music Performance Guzheng in Yangzhou University.

Her guzheng performances have a unique tonal character with pure, round and soft sound quality.
She advocates the musical philosophy of 'the unity of instrument and performer'.

From 2009 to 2014, she has recorded more than hundred episodes of "Guzheng and Chinese Culture" series on TCCTV in Thailand, which is beloved among Chinese people in Thailand.

In 2017, she won the gold medal of the 4th International Chinese Guzheng Competition held in Japan.