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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: India , West European , Asian
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Travels After 6 month in India, finishing the track "Govinda" and  performing a lot withy my new band Arambolla and jamming with different musicians from around the world i have been 3 month in Moldavia. I had the great pleasure to participate in the "Art Labyrinth" festival in Moldavia. There i started my new project "Gates of silence" music for mediation. It was a beautiful festival in the middle of the Moldavian countryside. Surrounded from forests and wild flower fields i was playing for some mediation groups. There i realized how great to is to play for people who are mediate or doing yoga. Now the first tracks are released on Bandcamp . Lets see how it goes but for sure i will do more music in this direction. Thanx for reading. Send you love from around the world. Erich more
Photo by: LEHNA
Photo by: LEHNA
Photo by: LEHNA
Photo by: LEHNA
Erich Lehna ✈ traveller between worlds, ☯ on earth and in music, ♫ my home is where the music is, ♪ music is the key, music is the best, ❤ all about love...